Next to Davao City, my second most loved, most frequented city in the Philippines is the City of Tagum. In fact, I cannot count how many times I’ve visited this once a quaint town since my first visit many years back. Back then, I considered Tagum plainly as a bus stop but today it has transformed from a rustic town into a very competitive and progressive city in the country.

The City of Tagum is the provincial capital of the Province of Davao Del Norte and one of the six cities in the whole Davao Region. It is the intersection of the three major road network systems namely; the Maharlika Highway, the Davao-Mati Road and the Davao-Agusan Road which connect the city to other major destinations in the region and in the entire Mindanao.

Being an hour away from Davao City, Tagum always comes to mind whenever I have the itch for an instant road trip and an unplanned weekend getaway. Its proximity and accessibility to Davao City makes every trip to the City of Tagum more fun and easy. More than its proximity to where I live, there are many reasons why I keep coming back to the City of Tagum.

When City of Tagum was officially created into a component city thirteen years ago, many brands had been associated to it. With the innovative local governance of the dynamic City Mayor Rey T. Uy, the City of Tagum has morphed from a struggling town to what it is today – a fastest growing city in the Philippines bagging different awards and citations here and abroad.

For one, the City of Tagum is crowned as the premier Palm City of the Philippines. The City’s Palm Tree Planting Project along the city’s National Highway and major thoroughfares had drawn the attention and appreciation of those who pass by the city. The grown healthy palm trees beautifully and strategically added aesthetic value to the roads of City. Today, the City continues to propagate such pro-environment project.

Another term coined to describe the City of Tagum is being the Music Capital of Mindanao. Tagumeños are known for their love and passion for music as displayed on the different music festivals and musical events that City celebrates each year. Some of the best singers in the country today hail from the city. The city’s annual Musikahan sa Tagum Festival becomes the most sought-after event in the Davao Region as it congregates the best musical artists and enthusiasts from the different parts of the country and the world to celebrate the world’s universal language, the Music.

Not known to many, the City of Tagum is also called as the City of Parks. It boasts of various parks and plazas that pave the way to create and entice micro business enterprises among the constituents of the City. Among those parks I personally visited were the Freedom Park, the Rotary Park and Recreation Center, the Energy Park, the Mangrove Park and the Public Cemetery Park.

And finally, with its 14 Colorful Festivals and Vibrant Events, the City of Tagum is branded as the Home of Festivals in Mindanao. These 14 festivals are celebrated on the different months of the year giving the Tagumeños something to look forward to every month. Tagumeños come out of their homes and flock to these festival venues to celebrate their various colorful fiestas and celebrations depicting their lives and culture as One Tagumeños.

More than the Palm Trees, Music, Parks and Festivals, the City of Tagum is one destination teeming with eco-adventure sites and manmade tourist spots worth beholding and experiencing. Having gone to these places, I came to realize that the City of Tagum can be an addition to Philippine’s bucket list must-discover destinations. It is a city of hidden allures.

Mangrove Forest Park
River Cruise at Bincungan River
Christ The King Cathedral
The Tagum Bay
The Freedom Park
The Second Growth Forest of Hijo Plantation
Places to Stay in Tagum
Tagum City New City Hall
The Travel Teller at Bincungan River
The Breathtaking Sunset of Tagum
Chasing Pavements
The Happy Locales
The Music Festival
The Giant Holiday Tree
The Bustling Night Market
The famous Uy Brothers – Tagum City Mayor Rey T Uy and ComVal Governor Chongki Uy

With all these things that make the city interestingly inviting, I will never have the reason why not come back to the City of Tagum more often. The 14 festivals alone celebrated in the different months of the year is enough reason to celebrate life with the Tagumeños. More than a sprawling capital, it is a city with so many hidden allures! THOSE ARE THE REASONS WHY I KEEP COMING BACK TO THE CITY OF TAGUM.

From Davao City, one may take either public utility buses or L300 vans to reach the City of Tagum. Public utility buses coming from Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) in Ecoland travel to the City of Tagum 24/7 with base fare of Php 108.00. On the other hand, L300 Vans Terminal is located at Gaisano Mall of Davao in Bajada, Davao City.

Tagum City Tourism Office – City of Tagum Tourism Council
Beach Volleydome, Rotary Park, Pioneer Avenue, Tagum City
(084) 370-1424 | (084) 218-4727 | (0923) 719-5111


        1. Hello Thes. 🙂 Since you’re here now and has seen Tagum City’s hidden allures, I GUESS IT IS TIME NOW TO EXPLORE IF NOT ALL AT LEAST SOME OF THE CITY’S MUST-SEE DESTINATIONS. Do that on your next visit and for sure you’ll be amazed like me!

      1. Hi Olan, we had a great time last Sunday in Tagum. It became more of a food trip though because we started with Punong and its soft shell crabs, then a short side trip to the construction site of the new cityhall, then dinner at the Night Market, and finally eating durian near Rotary Park. We were lucky to have met Sir Leo of the CIO. Looking forward to our revisit 🙂

        1. Hi ramil. 🙂 I’m so pleased to know that you guys enjoyed your Tagum Tour. Last June 12, nagkita kami ni Leo dito sa davao at namention nga nya na nagkita daw daw kayo sa tagum. 🙂 Hope to meet u too soon. 🙂

  1. thanks for sharing infos and details, olan. will include this in my list together with a visit to Mati in the soon future. ^^ passed by tagum the other week and indeed it looks better compared to the time the bus stops here during one of my family trips more than 30 years ago.

  2. hi po, pinanganak po ako sa tagum pero pumunta na po kami dito sa manila nung grade 5 ako. never pa ulit ako nakauwi mula noon.and this year, i will bring my wife to davao city and isa ang tagum sa itinerary ko para mabisita na din ang mga kamag anak namin,…

    [pahelp naman po… baka pwede niyo po ako bigyan ng list ng places and attraction na pwede namin puntahan po at ung address din po sana… thanks po

    1. I was born and raised in Tagum City, I was born near Punong Restaurant in Brgy Bincungan Tagum City. The land where our old house stood is currently the location of Brgy. Bincungan Basketball Court. It has been 11 years that I stayed here in Quezon City but I will be back to settle in Tagum City for good!

      There is no other place like my hometown. I love the beach, the water falls, the lush mangrove swams.
      the fresh fish, the Clean Rivers, the night market, I can’t have enough of it!

      Richert Jay Pinca

  3. many thanks to you, one of the few dedicated traveller and teller at the same time, nice post about my city, thanks for sharing your good memory about my city….God bless.

  4. Boss, good morning! Astig nitong Tagum City shots mo.. Tatanong ko sana kung may napansin kang available public transpo from Tagum to Bislig / Hinatuan area? Kahit Bus, Van, etc. Kung meron, san sa Tagum banda yung terminal?

    Balak ko kasi mag overnight sa Tagum tapos diretso ng Bislig / Hinatuan early morning the next day..


    1. Hi everyone! My son will compete in palarong Pambansa in TAGUM city on May 3-9 and we already called every possible accommodation in TAGUM but all are booked for the event. Kindly help me,find any inns,lodge,rooms or transient where we can stay,my daughters are coming with me and my husband and my father to cheer and support my only son. Please and thank you! It will be highly appreciated!
      Rochelle Santos

  5. hi sir! good evening. ask lang po anung hotel po safe and affordable sa tagum city? we’ll visit tagum on 1st week of may, to watch palarong pambansa. hirap po kc humanap ng hotel eh. hoping and wait for your response. thanks in advanbje. godbless!

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