Whenever I think of a perfect Province, what come in mind are quaint towns and charming cities dotting with breathtaking sceneries from highlands to islands. Maybe because most of the provinces I’ve been too are made up of towns and cities blessed with both stunning mountains and beautiful islands. Thus, I always thought that the perfect kind of a Province are those with mountains plus beautiful islands and fine beaches. Not until I spent one electrifying weekend at the landlocked Province of Bukidnon. No islands. No beach. More of mountains and hills. But one helluva province of an ultimate adventure!

I’ve passed by the Province of Bukidnon for several times especially when visiting Cagayan De Oro City but never been allured to explore its hidden splendors and secret gems. Persuaded by my travel buddy Christopher Diaz and fellow Pinoy travel blogger Bonzenti Panganiban who are both Bukidnon-based, I traveled to Bukidnon for the main purpose of witnessing the province’s renowned Kaamulan Festival but what I witnessed was not only the authentic ethnic festival. I was brought to see the many breathtaking sceneries of the Province that have totally changed my whole perception about Bukidnon as a great tourist destination.Situated right in the very heart of Mindanao, the highlands of Bukidnon is literally made up of breathtaking sceneries from its cool climate to rugged mountains, magnificent plateaus, grand canyons, majestic waterfalls and cool springs, to its extremely diverse flora and fauna and to the colorful hill tribes of Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon. All these make the Province of Bukidnon an emerging Eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage Capital of Northern Mindanao.

For two days that I was at the Province, I witnessed not only the rich cultural heritage of the 7 Hill Tribes of the Province but I experienced, firsthand, a fun-filled eco-tourism adventure where thrill was great and communing with nature was at its finest. From Kaamulan Festival in Malaybalay, I was brought to nearby towns to explore the waterfalls and cold springs of CEDAR, wander around the Kaamulan Tree Park, visit the Monastery of the Transfiguration and climb the Musuan Peak. I was blown away seeing all those places. I was totally captivated. After experiencing all those, I concluded, not all pretty Provinces are made of beautiful beaches! Bukidnon is one great example. What I visited and experienced at Bukidnon are just among the MANY MANY things to see and discover in the whole province. My friends told me those were just teasers! There are more to explore in this green province of Mindanao.

As an emerging Eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage Capital of Northern Mindanao, Bukidnon is a must visit destination in this part of the country. Its proximity to the Cities of Davao and Cagayan De Oro makes it accessible to both domestic and international tourist. Malaybalay City, the province’s capital is about 2 to 5 hours away from these major cities by land travel. Accommodation is not a problem. There are plenty of hotels to choose from once you get there.

JOIN ME as I chronicle this exciting adventure from my home in Davao City to these spectacular places in Bukidnon.


1. Experiencing Bukidnon’s Kaamulan Festival
2. Impasug-ong’s Center for Ecological Development And Recreation
Malaybalay’s Monastery of the Transfiguration
4. Climbing Musuan Volcano




  1. this part i have yet to explore in depth. the lined-up trees resembles much of the rubber trees in basilan.

    • Hi Dong, sobrang dami puedeng puntahan dun. 🙂 Our friends Bon and Earl are there to tour you around Bukidnon! 🙂 And yes, never leave Bukidnon without visiting CEDAR. 🙂

  2. Doris L. Arcoyo says

    i wish i could visit this eco-tourism park in Mindanao.

  3. wow! i’m excited with this series. you’re right lan, teaser pa lang yung mga nakita mo. : )

  4. Wait till I send you our Kaamulan dancing shots so you can post it here. Same with Doc Phel. Be safe always in your travels. 🙂

    • Waaaaaahhhhhh. Ate Joj, can’t wait for that. 🙂 I’m doing my TRAVEL SERIES now for Bukidnon. 🙂 would love our Kaamulan Dancing in my post! Nagakatawa ko karun huna-huna balik ato. Hahaha. 🙂

  5. Kay tagal kong inantay ito. At last nandito na. Thanks so much olan for another spectacle post that make every resident of Bukidnon feel proud of.:-). This is a must share article.

    • Hi Bonz… First of all, thank you for bringing to these places. Truly worth the visit. Since i’ve visited more than three destinations, i decided to make it a travel series. Hope you guys will like it.

      • Hello Olan. I can’t wait with the next post. Excited na po. Kasi magkasama lang tayo sa monastery at hindi ko pa talaga napuntahan ang ibang lugar nga dito sa Bukidnon. Salamat at napuntahan mo din. The world must see on what the travel teller would tell you about Bukidnon. Thank you lan for reinforcing our blog about Bukidnon. Good morning. Have a nice Good Friday.:-). BTW, are you going to Gensan on the last weekend of this month?

  6. Grabe naman po ung last photo Kuya Olan, ang ganda parang temperate forest it is very refresing… Another great series for sure 😉 Will be watching out.

    • Sobrang ganda yun lalo na pag andun ka…. Parang countryside na countryside ang dating! Nag nagawi ka ng Davao, 4 hours away lang to. A must visit Province in Mindanao.

  7. Such an excellent piece of text! No idea how you were able to write this’d take me days. Well worth it though, I’d assume. Have you considered selling banners on your website?

  8. I miss bukidnon! the long trips. fireflies. the fog. the cool weather.. i’ll come back soonest!

  9. Bukidnon is thriving agriculturally on its own. But apart from this aspect, the place provides a good ground for tourism as well- promoting the serene and riveting lifestyle of the oriental highlands.


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