VIDEO BLOG: Into the Heart of Agusan Marsh

Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in the province of Agusan Del Sur is one of the most ecologically important swamplands in the Philippines. Declared as a protected area and wildlife sanctuary, it is home to hundreds of species of birds, freshwater fish, bats, soft shell turtles, rare plants and trees, salt water and fresh water crocodiles. Situated at the very heart of Agusan basin, this enormous spread of marsh covers an area of about 20,000 hectares – equivalent to the size of Metro Manila.

The most popular entry point to the Agusan Marsh is through the town of Bunawan. It came to fame because it is where Lolong, then world’s largest crocodile in captivity, was captured. But Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary can be easily accessed through the town of Loreto in Agusan del Sur.

Wandering deep into the waterscape of rivers, creeks, freshwater marshes connected to multiple lakes and numerous ponds brings you to an unusual world – a bizarre world you never even imagine to have existed.

DCIM100GOPRODeep into the marshland is a floating village of the Manobo tribe whose lives and homes literally rise and ebbs with the tides of the swamp. Obviously, they don’t have dry lands to call their own but they what have are vast marshes that serve not only their homes but a haven they considered sacred. And yes, the marsh has been very good to them. The marsh provided everything they need.

Commune with nature |Immerse with its people – two of the most unforgettable things that Agusan Marsh can let you experience. Life in Agusan Marsh despite its isolation from the modern world we know is good. There is an enigmatic air of peace and silence that awaits you there. There is this kind of stillness that will make you feel one with the earth. It will make you love everything around you. It will bedazzle you. Such things make this wetland paradise of Agusan Del Sur an “Enchanted Marsh”.

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