I haven’t seen the mountains in 5 months since this pandemic broke.  During those times, I would always think of the green sceneries, the cold mountain breeze, the waterfalls and everything that mountains have to offer. The longingness grew deeper everyday. And finally when Davao City was put under MGCQ, my first destination to visit in my own City is the highland parts of Davao – the Marilog District which was often called BUDA.


What made this trip more remarkable is the fact that I had the chance to use and drive a FORD EVEREST while travelling the cool highlands of Davao. Driving the Ford Everest in this mountainous part of the country’s largest city was fun and exciting.

Our destination in Buda is Datu Salumay, one of the barangays in Marilog District. The area is famous for places that offer scenic view of verdant hills and mountains, sea of clouds, waterfalls, vegetable farms and other things that lure tourists to come.

Driving a Ford Everest to this mountainous side of Davao was truly amazing. I never imagined that the Ford Everest can be my best travel buddy in this trip because I have to pass by muddy and rough roads going to other parts of Datu Salumay.

I actually own and drive an SUV but what I really like about Ford Everest is how spacious it is inside and how comfortable it is to drive.  It is actually huge I felt like I’m not driving an SUV. Although it is bigger than the usual SUV I drive, it is never difficult to use. Everything is almost electronic. I love the interiors. So lit. Every detail of it is just impressive.. It is designed for so much convenience. I’m soooo impressed.

Our first destination in Datu Salumay is the JIVE MOUNTAIN RESORT. This is also where we stayed at for 3 days and 2 nights. It is situated in the upper part of the Datu Salumay passing by some mountain resorts, farms, log houses and scenic view of Marilog hills. Driving up, the ride was sooooo smooth. May mga areas na napaka-rough ng roads but I can’t even feel the alog-alog. Hahaha. Walang tagtag! Although Ford Everest is designed perfectly for city drive, I realized even in bumpy and uphill roads, kayang kaya niya.

Aside from Jive Mountain Resort, we also visited Hillsview, famous for its sea of clouds. The ride going there is not easy especially that it rained the night we went there. The unpaved road became muddy. At first, I was hesitant not to go because I know Ford Everest is not like Ford Raptor that is designed for such kind of terrain. But in my mind, I know Ford is BUILT FOR TOUGH. And so, even with hesitation, I still went through and Ford Everest managed to get to HillsView with so much pride and triumph. I love manoeuvring its steering wheel. Extra smooth, super dooper easy to turn left or right. Kahit na pagiwang giwang ang ride because of the muddy road, it is still so easy to manoeuvre – very smooth and swabeng swabe.  This is all because like Ford Raptor, Ford Everest is powered by EPAS or the Electrical Powered Assisting Steering making for a balanced, smooth and relaxed driving.

This recent weekend roadtrip to the highlands of Davao City in the new normal was another breather for me. The longingness to see the mountains has been achieved. I had the privilege to see, feel, embrace and live the mountain life even in a short while. It is really rejuvenating. But what makes this trip more convenient is the fact that I was driving Ford Everest the whole time I was in Buda. 

Visit FORD DAVAO and look for their General Manager MS. Jam Yap Quindoy. She’ll be very happy to assist you. You can reach her at 09285518489.

By the way, when we travel and visit destinations now open in the new normal, it is a must that we follow the new normal health standards, guidelines and protocols.

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