TRAVEL GADGETS: The Travel Teller’s Pick

I have been asked quite a few times mostly by the readers of this blog what gadgets I usually bring whenever I am on travel. Honestly, I only have a handful of gadgets at home and I only carry the ones I find necessary for my trips, be it for a long travel or a short one. Here are my four top picks:

CAMERA. Like most travel bloggers, long before I ventured into travel blogging, I was then a simple wanderer traveling to different nearby towns taking pictures of captivating scenes and interesting sights using an old Kodak Analog Camera. Came digital age, I acquired a bulky Sony Digital Camera that had been my travel companion for certain years then later purchased a newer and slimmer model, the Sony DSC-W170. It was only in 2010 that I was lured to use DSLR cameras for my travels, the Nikon D5000 and the Canon 500D. Like 99% of travelers today, I can’t travel without a camera, be it a point-and-shoot or an SLR. Camera is just a must.

NETBOOK. It was only when started travel blogging when the need to carry a laptop came to arise. Back in the early years, I won’t carry laptops with me when I travel. It only added additional weight on my backpack and internet connectivity at that time was very limited. And so instead of carrying a heavy lappy, I would resort going to internet cafés to upload my travel photos and update my blogs (live blogging). The problem was some of these internet cafes didn’t have good internet security. At one time, one of my SD cards got corrupted and in just seconds, all the photos I took for the whole day were gone. It was only then that I was obliged to carry a laptop with me. From a heavy oversized HP Pavilion dv2500se, I purchased a new lighter Acer Aspire One Netbook I found just right for my always-on-the-go kind of travel. Today, I find it very important and convenient. With my own laptop and plug-it, I can do live blogging and update my social media accounts anytime, anywhere at my convenience.

iPad. Since the day I acquired an iPad 3G, I can never leave my house without it, traveling or not. It is a lot lighter and very versatile. There are many possible things I can do with this tablet that I can’t with netbooks especially when traveling. Among the best applications it got, I find the GPS/Maps the most useful. It has helped already especially when driving going to unfamiliar places. Other than that, most of my mobile updates for all my social media accounts are made using this incredible tablet. Faster and one click away.

iPod. Just like everyone else, I love listening to music on long travels to fight tediousness and stress. Everywhere I go, I carry my classic special edition iPod that has been with me for 7 years now. Yes, we’ve been together for seven years hitch-hiking, mountain trekking, beach bumming and many more. I just can’t travel with it. Good music + long travel = PERFECT JOURNEY!

There they are, four of the gadgets I can’t travel without. I consider these gadgets as my travel buddies. HOW ABOUT YOU?

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