Two years ago, when I was planning holidays in Borneo, I listed several must-see places based on my research from the internet. Most of those are within Kota Kinabalu, the heart of the tropical island of Borneo. Just when I thought everything on the list is superb, my unplanned adventure to Kinabatangan River outside of Kota Kinabalu as recommended by some locals proved that there is more to discover, more to explore than relying everything on the internet. Tip of advice, just ask the locals.

The same thing happened during my South Cebu trip. If I never asked a local about other spectacular destinations other than what’s on our list, I would have no inkling of how exciting South Cebu can be. Just like the ones in Alcoy. If I never asked what lies ahead there, I would never have a clue that there is one beach in this town endowed with crystal clear blue sea and sparkling white sands so beautiful yet open to the public. They call this – the Tingko Beach.

Highly recommended by the locals, Tingko Beach was our next stop after our informational tour at Boljoon. And so from Boljoon, we took a bus bound for Alcoy. As we traveled our way to our destination, the inviting coastal view of Southern Cebu made me more thrilled to see this spot. I remembered how excited the local was while narrating beauty of this beach. I should find that out, I said to myself.

After twenty minutes of traveling, the bus conductor signaled we were already at Tingko Beach. As we dropped off, the midday sea breeze gently caressing my suntanned skin was the first thing that I noticed. “Oh the beach, I can feel the touch of the beach”, I thought. Excited, we followed the trail from the main road going exactly to the shores of Tingko Beach. In just a minute or two, we found ourselves marveling at one of the finest white sand public beaches in the Southern Cebu.

Tingko Beach boasts of its extensive stretch of arcing shoreline, about a mile long with sparkling powdery white sand and crystal clear blue water. Adjacent to the shoreline are lined up coconut palm grooves and some limestone cliffs attributing more to the beauty of the beach.

Stunned by what I saw, I put down my backpack and hurried to the shores. We were so lucky there were only a number of beach goers that day. That meant the beach can be ours as along we wanted it. Not wasting a second, I took every opportunity photographing every inch of this paradise. The view was just so implausible. More than its picturesque seascape, the tranquility of Tingko Beach is so infectious. Being on the road almost sleepless for two days was really exhausting but seeing the serene beauty of this beach awakened my senses. I felt so recharged.

Talking to some local beach goers there, I learned that the beach is so famous among the locals of Alcoy including its neighboring towns. It becomes even crowded during weekends where beach lovers from different places, locals and foreigners alike, flock to enjoy the sand, sea and sun. Although a public beach, Tingko retains its clean and sparkling environment apt for swimming or just bumming around. At nearby limestone cliffs, I noticed numbers of charming white houses and stunning arrays of nipa huts specially built for visiting guests who want to spend overnight or stay for a short vacation.

Still overwhelmed by the enticing allure of Tingko Beach, we stayed there for a couple of minutes trying to memorize everything it has to offer. I wished I had the luxury of time I could stay there even for a week, I muttered to myself. But only in my dreams, I added.

After luxuriating ourselves by the marvelous seascape before us, we decided to move on and head off for our next destination! Thanks to the helpful locals of Cebu, it was not on our list but we’ve made it. We had a taste of Tingko Beach! It was such a lovely public beach!

TRAVELING TO ALCOY: The Municpality of Alcoy can be reached in less than two hours from Cebu City. Buses that travel to the Southern part of Cebu province including Alcoy are all stationed at Cebu South Bus Terminal.


  1. Hi!

    Thank you for this. I love Cebu and it’s nice that there is still a lot more to it. I can’t wait to go back there again and see this place you wrote about! 😀

  2. I am planning to visit Oslob for the butanding adventure the end of August, I have heard positive and negative things about the experience in Oslob. Since this is very near Oslob area, I may take a side trip? I am really looking for some waterfalls to repel down this time, 30 meters or taller. Thanks for the adventure, I will be in south eastern Cebu in 1 month and I am so excited.

    I see the nipa huts on the rocks, I wonder if you can spend over night in such a place? Do you know of any place similar where the room is built right on a rock or into the side of the cliff? Let me know. thanks.

    1. Hi Rick. 🙂 Yes, this jus 30 minutes bus ride from Oslob. hence, you may take a side trip. 🙂 Those nipa houses there are for rent. Great place to spend a night or two. 🙂

  3. Looking for affordable accommodation or simply just camp over night? Alcoy Heritage Beach Resort offer camping facilities…units are still under construction, but camping is available with a wide open space area by the beach you can enjoy ‘n relax,,, low tide comes twice a day, this recreational resorts is great for weekend family getaway…… Experience Country Living … Call Serjo 09323017936… We’re Off the Beaten Track

    Walking distance from Tingko Beach Resort

  4. wow! sobrang ganda talaga sa beach town namin.talagang wala ng iba alcoy tingko beach na talaga and the best of allt he best in south province of cebu.i am so proud of my town and our fabulous tingko beach.and sana more discover or more idea lang sa pag arrange,specially the sand must be clean up withrake daily or to remove the dirt.and so that will attrack and more tourist will come so over in tingko beach.and sana more improvement pa guys beach natin.godbless all the staff and the management!

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