#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series | DAY FOUR

TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series  DAY 4My Anda tour in the Province of Bohol continues. My friends Dulce and Maya left early for Cebu and I opted to stay to see more of what Anda has to offer. Yesterday, I was told the town hosts some 50 cave pools where 40 of which have already been explored. Something I have to explore for myself. What also excites me is my scheduled snorkeling at Amu Ini Resort and Spa.

Here are the highlights of my 4th day in Visayas.

  1. Vice Mayor Inday Cimacio lend me her motorbike I can use for the day. One of his house staffs, Juddel, served as my tour guide and supposedly my driver. When left the house, I insisted I should drive. And driving around Anda is one of the best things about this trip.
  2. I promised to come back to Amu Ini Resort and Spa for my snorkeling. I met Bigs Eggert, the Director of Sales and Marketing, who also happens to be the owner of the Dive Shop. Amu Ini is known to host one of the best dive spots in Anda.
  3. Amu Ini Resort offers also a long stretch of white sand beach perfect to laze around or just enjoying a day on the beach.
  4. From Amun Ini, Juddel and I started to explore the cave pools of the town. Our first stop is Combento Cave Pool then followed by Cateres Cave Pool. These cave pools are very accessible from the town proper. They say if you visit Anda, don’t just visit the beach but also explore the Cave Pools too. There about 50 cave pools and 40 of those were already validated.
  5. From cave pool, we headed to the long white sand beach. This time the public beach of Anda – the Quinale Beach which now I say the best public beach in the Philipines. Quinale Beach is a fine white sand beach that’s free for all the townsfolk to frolic in. As in LIBRE! Unlike other “white sand beaches”, Quinale is almost perfectly white and is polvoron-like in its quality. I told myself how lucky the people of Anda are to have this kind of public beach. Just awemazing!
  6. From Anda, it was time to move back to Tagbilaran to continue my 20-day trip to another Porvince. Juddel send me off to Guindalman bound to Tagbiliran. In Guindalman, I stopped at the town’s old church to pray.
  7. When I got to Tagbiliran, it was past sunset. I went to Island City Mall to get my ticket but they closed at 6 pm. I was advised to go directly to the Pier and get the ticket from there.
  8. I took the Lite Shipping Line bound to Larena, Siquijor. Fare is Php 120 for a 3-hour boat travel. Larena is one of the towns in Siquijor Province, about 15 minutes ride from Siquijor, Siquijor.
  9. The boat left at 8 PM and I arrived at Larena at 11 PM. My host at Siquijor was there already waiting for me.
  10. From Larena, we headed for Siquijor. It was the start of my SIQUIJOR ADVENTURE.
Guindalman Church in Bohol
Guindalman Church in Bohol
On board Lite Shipping bound for Siquijor via Larena. Fare is 120.
On board Lite Shipping bound for Siquijor via Larena. Fare is 120.

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