#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series | DAY FIVE

SIQUIJOR. The mystical Siquijor, the third smallest province in the Philippines. I have always dreamed of coming here but for some reason it always failed. And so when I planned this 20-day journey to the Visayas, a visit to the Island Province of Siquijor is a must.


Here’s the highlights of my Siquijor Tour.

  1. I stayed at the ancestral house of my hosts in Siquijor, the Cortes family. It was Agnes Diansay, wife of cousin from Cateel who introduced me to my very hospitable hosts who are relatives of hers. The family is also related to the actress Erich Gonzales who spent years in Siquijor before her family moved to Davao. The house where I stayed is the same house where the beautiful actress lived.
  2. I started my tour visiting the Provincial Capitol Building of Siquijor. It wasn’t that grand compared to other Capitol Buildings I’ve visited in the country. From the Capitol, Leo Miel, my host turned awesome tourguide, brought me to our first destination – the Siquijor Church in the town of Siquijor, the capital of Siquijor Province.
  3. I rented a motorbike I can use for the whole day. It costs me Php 350.00 plus Php 100.00 fuel. It lasted the whole day.
  4. There are five towns comprising the whole Province: San Juan, Lazi, Maria, Enrique Villanueva, Larena and Siquijor, the capital town. The best way to see the best of Siquijor is to circumnavigate the five town.
  5. First stop is the CAPILAY SPRING PARK in San Juan. It is a natural spring-fed swimming pool situated at the heart of the town Plaza. Entrance fee: FREE.
  6. Second stop is the 400-year old ENCHANTED BALETE TREE in Lazi. The enchanting tree is not a sight to behold but also provides water to its residents. Must try is the FISH SPA as fishes nibble the dead skin and cleanse the feet. Nakakakiliti. Hahaha.
  7. Third stop is SAN ISIDRO LABRADOR CONVENT also in Lazi. It is the biggest among the oldest convents in the Philippines. Just awemazinG!
  8. Fourth stop is SAN ISIDRO LABRADOR CHURCH just across the convent. The church was constructed in 1884 using indigenous coral stones and local hardwood. The church preserved its original wooden flooring. It leaves me at awe.
  9. Fifth stop is the CAMBUGAHAY FALLS also in Lazi. Secluded and relatively unexplored, the waterfalls beckons trekkers for a refreshing dip.
  10. Sixth stop is SALAGDOONG BEACH in Maria, an idyllic hideaway of fine white sand beach tucked in a cove just 6 kilometers northeast of Maria. Cliff jumping is among the must-do challenging thing when you get here. I did not try though. Hahaha.
  11. Seventh stop is the TRIAD in the highland part of Larena overlooking the beautiful of Suiquijor. Sunset view is spectacular here.
  12. Eight stop is the
  13. It was a beautiful sunset the ended my day in Siquijor. Just glorious.
  14. Sumptuous dinner was served together with the family who welcome me in Siquijor.

TTTVisayas SIQUIJOR (23)THANK YOU SO MUCH CORTES FAMILY for the warmth and kindness you’ve shared to me. I will never forget you. Leo Miel, I can’t thank you enough. You’re the best tour guide ever. To Melissa, thank you for making my bed. Agnes Gonzales-Diansay, what else can I say, you’re an angel.

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