Lying at the great oceans of the Pacific, Cateel Bay is one of the most loved places for every Cateeleño like me in my hometown Cateel, Davao Oriental. Like most bakasyonistas, it is the only spot in town where I never miss to see whenever I’m home for a visit. Cateel Bay is very special to me. It is where I first learned how to swim and learned to battle the huge ravaging waves of the mighty Pacific. Simply put, it is where I learned to love all about the beaches – the sea, the sand and the sun. Being at the open seas, Cateel Bay boasts its gigantic Pacific waves. I mean huge waves. Others may think these waves seemed too ravaging but for us who’ve grown to love its enticing thrill, Cateel Bay is simply inviting. Some even say a potential site for skimboarding and surfing. I’ve grown to love the ocean and everything about it. Its deep blue sea is so tempting. The roaring sounds of the crazy waves are so relaxing. A barefoot walking on its grayish sand is just so comforting. These are what I love about Cateel Bay. I’m never a sunrise person but whenever I’m home I always tried to battle getting up the early dawn just to catch up the breathtaking Pacific Sunrise of Cateel Bay. I’ve never seen such a wonderful Pacific Sunrise like ours. It is like a great hope for a dawning of a new day. Something I always look forward to whenever I’m home.On my recent visit to Cateel, I chanced to glimpse another dramatic sunrise at Cateel Bay. I woke up as early as 4 in the morning and rushed to the ocean. I waited patiently for the sun to rise and, hurray, it didn’t fail. A stunning sunrise I saw. It was like a great Hometown Sunrise Romance between me and my camera for the first time. It is still fresh and vivid on my mind until now. Walking, I passed by a local fisherman getting ready for the early morning sail. I thought I was a great opportunity to photograph local coastal life there is in my town. Seeing him preparing the sail, I positioned myself behind his boat and readied to push the shutter button. From there, I captured what I thought I just wanted.The sea was calm and still when the fisherman readied for a sail.  There was no sign of a bad weather coming. Pushing his boat toward to the sea to a start a sail, a huge angry wave suddenly appeared like a ravishing demon that instantly hit the fisherman and his tiny little boat.  It was a sudden horrifying wave coming from nowhere that instantly made him fell off from his boat. And then another raging wave brought the boat upside down.I stood still from where I positioned. Shocked at what I saw. I couldn’t decide whether helped the poor fisherman or continued my documentation. I pitied him so well. Moments later, the man helplessly came out from the waters and instead of saving his life from strong current; he went after his boat and started salvaging its broken pieces. From afar, he looked awfully devastated but he had no time for despair because what he must first do was to salvage his boat – the boat of his life, the only boat of his life. Luckily, there were good Samaritans around who helped him carry his boat and the shattered pieces back to the shore. Though helpless, the fishermen thanked them in returned. Settling on the shore, I looked at the fisherman pitifully and he looked back at me with a frugal smile. I smiled back at him and he nodded as if he was telling me all was well.  And then I left. THE RAGING WAVES OF CATEEL BAY may sometimes ravaging but these waves are silent witnesses of the hopes and aspirations my hometown folks. The sea may not be tranquil at all times but Cateel Bay will always be part of our peaceful lives, of my peaceful life. Its sands may not as perfect as those of Boracays but its comfort to us, to me is profound. The waves may be ravaging but the gentle roars of these waves are music to our souls, to my soul. All because, Cateel Bay is part of our home, part of my home. And no one can take that away from us. No one can take that away from me.HOW TO GET THERE:

The best way to get to Cateel is by taking a Bus from Davao City via the Compostela Valley Road or Mati City Road. Buses are on daily schedule located at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT). These buses are operated by Mallen Express, Lyra Express, Floremel Express and Bachelor Express.


  1. Kawawa naman nong tumaod na bangka.
    It is really strong and furious… but without a doubt it is still a beauty.
    Love your place Olan.

  2. What an opportunity to chronicle a person’s early morning activity even briefly and witness his attitude about it. Perseverance. Despite the temporary mishap he encountered he still have the time to give you a smile. That interaction of the moment between two beings will not be captured by the lens yet by reading your article, so vivid in my mind and heart. Beautiful photography of our beach! Thanks Olan.

    1. Thank you Esther. 🙂 it was actually a very expected scene I got there. I was just there at the Beach in the very early dawn to capture a beautiful Pacific Sunrise but what I got was more than what I asked. 🙂 I got a photostory worth the share. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 When? this weekend na? Hahaha. 🙂 gusto kung puntahan ang PUSAN POINT! The sight of the Millennium Sunrise. 🙂 Tapos, blog kagad natin. 🙂

  3. Olan,

    You can move from Cateel to anywhere else but one cannot take Cateel from you.

    Hope to see you one day along the road while on travel.


  4. here sa com val ngayun at gusto k talagang pumunta sa aliwagwag falls lalo n dtan s beach.takot lang ako kc baka daw may mga npa and i dont have a car .im going back to manila this sunday..sana makapunta ko.

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