When God shaped the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, He favored the province of Surigao Del Norte to be the home of some of the finest and most gorgeous islands and islets in the country. This include pristine lagoons and untouched coves that made up the reason why this is one of the most beautiful places in this tropical paradise. A paradise for lovers of island life.

21Bucas Grande Islands SurigaoIt was love at first sight. It was three years ago when I first marveled at its magnificent beauty that is entirely different from all the places that I’ve visited. As a self-proclaimed son of the beach, I’ve been to various island destinations in the country but this perfect picture tropical haven possesses an enigmatic charm that is so hard to resist. I’m talking about the Bucas Grande Islands of Socorro, Surigao Del Note, my personal favorite in my island Mindanao.

247Bucas Grande Islands SurigaoThe Bucas Grande Islands are pristine island jewels of Surigao Province and the whole CARAGA Region. It is situated in the vast waters of Siargao Islands and belongs to the Municipality of Socorro. Endowed by Mother Nature with such untainted magnificence, it is groomed today to become one of the finest eco-tourism destinations not only in the region but the whole country.

251Bucas Grande Islands SurigaoSince my first visit to the Islands, Bucas Grande has become my favorite among the many places I’ve visited in Mindanao. To be fair, there are countless of stunning places in the country that have wowed me in so many ways but there is something in this breathtaking group of islands that make it so exceptional among others. The transcending tranquility of the whole environ is so enchanting that I feel like I’m in a magical world of all that is beautiful. Perhaps, it is designed by God to be a sanctuary of those who long to find peace and quiet in nature. And I must say – it is communing with nature at its best!

47Bucas Grande Islands Surigao98Bucas Grande Islands Surigao211Bucas Grande Islands SurigaoThe group of beautiful islands and islets are beautifully scattered in the tranquil clear blue waters of Siargao. The abundant verdant vegetations that cover the mountains are thick and untrimmed. The coves are mystical and enchantingly mesmerizing. All that comprise the Bucas Grande Islands are glorious natural wonders.

69Bucas Grande Islands Surigao 89Bucas Grande Islands Surigao 103Bucas Grande Islands Surigao 110Bucas Grande Islands Surigao Among those extraordinary attractions in the Islands that offer exciting things to see, Sohoton National Park tops the list. Declared by the Philippine Government as a National Park, it covers a total area of 70 hectares featuring mystical coves, blue lagoons, underwater caves, and the picturesque seven Islets. To reach the Park, one must pass through a 60-meter cave-like entrance which can only be accessed by boat during low tide. The cave-like entrance looks like an underground river. That alone is a thrilling experience.

Bucas Grande Islands 5 Bucas Grande Islands 8 Bucas Grande Islands 9 Bucas Grande Islands 10 Bucas Grande Islands 11 Bucas Grande Islands 12 Bucas Grande Islands 14 Bucas Grande Islands 16Adding to the many wonders of this paradise is the Jellyfish Kingdom. Perhaps it is this one that makes Bucas Grande Islands out of the ordinary. It is one surreal place that bedazzled me until now. Among the number of lagoons there, one seemed to possess an enchanting magic that makes it the only lagoon in the Islands where millions of non-stinging jellyfish abound. Imagine you diving and swimming in body of water filled with friendly jellyfish. You just don’t swim, you swim with them. What a surreal experience.

Bucas Grande Islands 40 Bucas Grande Islands 41 Bucas Grande Islands 42Bucas Grande Island for me is a destination I will never get tired of coming back again. Everything in the island is a beautiful work of nature and experiencing every bit of it is truly special. Such unspoiled, it a rare beauty so immaculate and magnificent. It is like journeying to another world – a world of enchantment.

29Bucas Grande Islands SurigaoAnd wherever I’m there, I always muttered this to myself, “I must have done something right that I deserve to see this kind of place – a paradise on earth”. And yes, I’ve been to a paradise – the Paradise Islands of Bucas Grande. WHY I LOVE BUCAS GRANDE ISLANDS? It’s worth all my LOVE! 


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Bucas Grande Islands, one of my dream island destinations in the country. 🙂 I’m drooling!

  2. Good evening Sir. I will be having my 3days Surigao trip. The list includes Britania Island in San Agustin (day1), Tinuy-an Falls & Enchanted River (day2). I am trying to include either Bucas Grande or to surf in Siargao for a day (day3). Kaya po ba siya if in Bislig ang starting point ng biyahe? Flight pabalik in Manila (day4) will be 8am. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Hi po,

    Thanks for sharing this article, It really inspired me a lot to go and see the place. I hope you don’t mind me asking about your itinerary and how much it cost you during your island visit? I am trying to think of how much exactly is needed for a solo traveller like me to fully experience the place. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks much.

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