The Most Delicious Breakfasts in Warsaw

Every trip is a special mix of interesting places, new people, exciting adventures, and tasty food.

It is cool when you can find true information about not only the most outstanding sights of the city but also about the most delicious places, since it is a very important part of acquaintance with the city and culture in general.

Poland is a wonderful country, known not only for its rich history but also for its delicious and hearty cuisine. Shops are full of delicious meat and dairy products, unforgettable sweets and natural juices. In addition, high quality and excellent taste properties of products are supplemented by very moderate and therefore attractive prices. Polish food is also famous for its large portions. When ordering a dish in a cafe or restaurant, it is necessary to be ready in advance for the fact that sausages can mean not only a single meat product but also a side dish and even a salad.

Large crowds of visitors have not spoiled Warsaw, unlike Krakow or Wroclaw. As the business city, it is used to meet business guests. Of course, there is a tourist part with the old city in Warsaw but today not about it. Today about the delicious places of the city where breakfast is the brightest part of the day. If you don’t want to drink a morning cup of coffee alone, meet your romantic travel companion at

At  first sight, Warsaw can seem to be a city of buns and breakfasts’ lovers. Bakeries are attracted by vanilla fragrances in the most unexpected places.


Targ Sniadaniowy.

It is a street breakfast market, which is taking place every weekend in two parks of the city in the warm season and collects a delicious atmosphere of home and family holiday in the open air. This festival is open to all comers, so in addition to the national Polish cuisine, you can buy seasonal farm products, bread, and dishes from different cuisines around the world. Everything is prepared, sizzled and hissed right on the spot. Burgundy snails or dumplings, or maybe a Mexican tacos – all that will be cooked in a matter of minutes before your eyes. If you prefer croissants, fruits, and coffee, then this is enough here. On Sunday, it takes place in the park area of Mokotów, and on Saturday in the park near Żoliborz. Take a blanket and come here for breakfast, which will last up to the lunchtime. There is something to do besides food: culinary master classes and workshops on a variety of topics, or even yoga in the open air.

The Charlotte café.

France inspired this amazing place. Here you just want to try the whole menu. Breakfasts are here all the day long, and they are simply designed both to bring aesthetic pleasure and to please the taste buds. Here you can surely find fluffy croissants, homemade jam and chocolate, several breakfast options and, of course, coffee. The soft light of the morning sun through the large windows or a warm terrace will wake up you neatly to a quiet lounge without fuss. In the city, there are two such places: “Charlotte Menora” and “Charlotte. Cheb i Wino ». Choose the closest one to your hotel and chill out.

Nowy Teatr.

What about breakfast in complete silence in a closed patio? On the territory of the Theater of Contemporary Art, there are small tables. If you come here on a day when there are no any events or open exhibitions, then you can take pleasure from the huge hall of the former factory with high ceilings.


It is a place where you will be offered a huge portion of cappuccino and treated with a cheerful smile in addition. The coffee is delicious here. You can warm up with a pumpkin spice latte in an autumn morning, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on the terrace or working for an hour or two. It is very easy to maintain a personal space here, even if all the tables are occupied.

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