I have a huge fascination for anything that is antiquated – antique furnishing, vintage stuffs, old houses and everything that has a touch of antiquity. So when I travel north to Ilocandia, I was full of astonishment to finally see the Heritage City of Vigan, the capital City of the Province of Ilocos Sur known to be the only heritage city in the whole Philippines.

Vigan City is one of my dream destinations in the country. It is incredibly exceptional among the other cities and towns in the Philippine because it is the country’s oldest surviving Spanish colonial city that dates back to the 16th century colonial period.

In fact, Vigan City is officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Sites and Monuments. This is the list of more than 600 cultural and natural properties of exceptional universal value in entire the world.  In the Philippines, it is one of the only five heritage sites found in the whole country.

As a World Heritage Site, Vigan City is the perfect example of a Spanish colonial town in Asia – eminent for its cobblestone streets and a unique architecture with the fusion of both Asian and European building design and colonial architecture. Being the oldest surviving Spanish colonial city in the Philippines, Vigan City preserves and restores antiquated houses and cobbled narrow streets making it the perfect colonial city to visit in the whole country.

Visiting Vigan City for me was a very remarkable experience. I was like traveling back to the old Spanish colonial days while walking around its cobbled stone streets and entering its antiquated houses. Being there, I experienced the feeling of being a true Filipino taking pride of its colorful history and rich heritage. Everything there is a source of pride. Vigan City, for me, is another national symbol of the Filipino people.

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  1. amazing kuya!
    wala jud xia kakupas kupas!.
    thats why some people who visited there says
    now i know!


    1. Hi Estan. 🙂

      My research is based on the official website of VIGAN CITY. 🙂

      “Vigan is an island, which used to be detached from the mainland by three rivers – the great Abra River, the Mestizo River and the Govantes River. It is unique among the Philippine towns because it is the country’s most extensive and only surviving historic city that dates back to the 15th century Spanish colonial period.”


  2. Nice pic of the lovely lady walking by a huge window….Lan, kung moadto ka Cebu, you may also want to visit Carcar. The place is dubbed as the Heritage Town of Cebu.

  3. I’ll be going to Ilocos in mid-May and I am sooo excited, thanks in part to your blog. Your photos are very good too. Thanks for all the helpful tips! 🙂

  4. Greetings! Have you ever been to Taal , Batangas Heritage Town? Find out why it is a gem in the Philippines! Add it to your 2013 bucket list! –>

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