It is but amazing to discover one military camp somewhere in the Province of Sarangani that has developed into a new tourism spot initiated by no less than its Battalion Commander and duly supported by the Provincial Government.This newest addition to Sarangani’s treasures is called the Fort Sarangani. The Fort Sarangani is the home of the 73rd Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines located in Barangay Kamanga in the Municipality of Maasim.Maasim is one the six municipalities of Sarangani Province that share the 230-kilometer coastline of Sarangani Bay and belongs to the west coast part of the Province. From General Santos City, the gateway to the Province, Maasim is reachable in just an hour.The 73rd Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is said to be the “Army of Peace” and “Soldiers of Love” in the Province. Proofs of these are seen on the transformation of Fort Sarangani from a typical military camp into a haven of nature and pure relaxation. Unlike the usual military camps, Fort Santiago exudes an ambiance of serenity and harmony in the whole environs. Nestled on a hill, Fort Sarangani is a perfect place to enjoy the stunning view of the vast and tranquil bay of Sarangani. Being there, seeing and enjoying the calmness of bay from where I stood, I forgot that I was at a Military Camp. I felt I was in a highland resort overlooking such a spectacular scene. The view was just so gorgeous.It was actually my first ever visit to a military camp but never did I feel that I was in a military barracks that day. Thanks to the initiative of Col. Rodolfo Espuelas Jr, the Battalion Commander who initiated the development and beautification of Fort Sarangani. Initially, the said improvement of the Camp was for the benefit and enjoyment of the 73rd Infantry Battalion where soldiers can loosen up, unwind and relax from their tiring jobs and noble duties. When later discovered by other groups, Fort Santiago slowly gained a reputation as one of the perfect places to visit in Maasim. The Camp was then transformed into a stunning place where soldiers, tourists and locals can come and enjoy the place.There, I personally liked the Flirtation Park, one part of the Camp where a full view of the town of Maasim can be perfectly seen along with the Sarangani Bay. This is one of the special parts of the Camp often frequented by lonely soldiers wanting to be alone and reflect. Also worth mentioning is the Serenity Lounge made mostly of indigenous materials with bamboo as floorings. Like Flirtation Park, it also offers a breathtaking view of the Sarangani Bay.Visiting Fort Sarangani is absolutely free. Friendly soldiers there are willing to give their visitors a tour. The eye-catching view of Sarangani Bay from the Camp is definitely captivating. For that reason, Fort Sarangani is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Sarangani Bay while in the town of Maasim.I definitely had fun at the Fort Sarangani. It is a new experience. A new story. Something unique from all other places I visit. Kudos to these men in uniforms for their efforts to showcase that not all soldiers are trained for a combat but Soldiers can also be instruments of loveliness and enjoyment for fun seekers like me. Visit Maasim. Visit Fort Sarangani.This Blogger with 73rd IB Commander Col. Rodolfo Espuelas Jr.

Special thanks to the men and women of the 73rd Infantry Batallion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines headed by Col. Rodolfo Espuelas Jr. Also to the Provincial Government of Sarangani Province headed by Governor Migs Dominguez and was represented by BM Eleonor Saguiguit. And to the Mindano Tourism Council represented by Mr. Jon Perez.HOW TO GET THERE:

General Santos City is the gateway to the Province of Sarangani. It is reachable both by plane and boat. Public utility vehicles like buses, jeepneys and air-conditioned vans travel regularly to the different towns of Sarangani. The Town of MAASIM is reachable in one hour from General Santos City.


  1. haha…nice one lan….

    Cge ko katawa sa fliratation area. I wonder how will they flirt with nature while thinking of their families.. Dami pumapasok sa isip ko. Maybe, this is the area where they apply the call of nature while thinking of their love ones (wife or chik). hahahhah lol

  2. Camp Manuel Yan in Mawab (a camp named after Rico Yan’s grandpa) HQ of the 10th Infantry Divison will also be developed into a tourism destination.

  3. Wow! nice na pla ang sarangani specially my place of malbang,maasim,sarangi province.nkaka homesick na d2 sa saudi hahaha…pwede ba mka visit jan admin.

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