Planning a holiday is always exciting. Whether you’re having a quick weekend away in the UK or planning a major stay in a far flung country, the enjoyment of escaping for a while can never be underestimated. However, where you travel to and the accommodation you choose is somewhat determined by your budget. European breaks make for a great summer vacation and low cost Greece holidays are all about family fun but without breaking the bank, which makes for a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable summer holiday or a mid season break.

There are many different choices for your vacation. A lot of this can be narrowed down before you start by deciding on how much you wish to spend and how long you plan to go for. A trip to Australia would not be worth the time or money if you only wanted three nights away, especially if you plan on using the luxury car chauffeur perth people rave about. However holidays in Spain are quite achievable and can be any length of time thanks to the short flight distance. Most European resorts are easily accessed with frequent flights to and from the UK so whether it’s a long weekend or a fortnight, it’s not going to create jet lag and ruin the first part of the holiday.

Setting your sights on further afield are plans best made in advance. If you are hoping to visit Africa or Asia for example, the flight times will vary substantially as will the length that you are in the air. Plus, there will be vaccinations which are necessary before travelling to more exotic countries to prevent illness, which is not a memory you would wish to bring home!

When all’s said and done though, planning well in advance will stand you in good stead with your holiday and sometimes this can be more beneficial in the long run, rather than saving a few extra pounds on a last minute deal.