The Municipality of Dalaguete in Southern Cebu is also a destination of its own. I discovered this when we hurriedly toured around the town before ascending to Osmeña Peak. The town in itself is a heritage site to consider. It is dotted with several historical structures, heritage parks, and old colonial houses that defined the antiquity of this once a sleepy town. The most famous among these structures is the baroque-rococo church of Dalaguete – the Parish Church of San Guillermo de Aquitania.

The institution of Dalaguete as a town started when it became a Visita of Carcar in 1690. It was later established as an independent parish in 1711. The present church today that erected at the town’s Poblacion was constructed in 1802 and was completed in 1825. Following that year, a church rectory was constructed and was finished in 1832. In 1860, a grand octagonal three-story church belfry was also built.

From the inscriptions found on the front door, I learned that in the early 1800s, the church served as a fortification protection of the townspeople against the Moro attacks. In the following years, the church underwent series of renovation and restoration. On April 16, 2004, Parish Church of San Guillermo de Aquitania is declared as National Historical Landmark. Today, it is one of the most well-preserved baroque-rococo churches in the whole Province of Cebu.

Dalaguete’s San Guillermo de Aquitania Church is a significant example of Filipino-Spanish great architecture and now one of the few remaining grand church-fortress complexes in the Philippines. 

Traveling to Dalaguete made me see how blessed the Province of Cebu is being home of the different heritage sites to boast in the country. In fact, it makes the town worth seeing and discovering. Visiting the town is very easy. It is two hours away from Cebu City. There are no classy hotels to stay here. If you’re the type of a traveler looking for posh hotels, you cannot find it in Dalaguete. But rest assured all the destinations that await for you there will definitely take your breath away. 

DALAGUETE is the Summer Capital and Vegetable Basket of Cebu Province

Aside from historical places and heritages sites, there are other destinations worth visiting when in this southern town of Cebu. Being the Summer Capital and Vegetable Basket of the Province, Dalaguete is host to some of Cebu’s remaining natural heritage sites – breathtaking mountain ranges with its chilling natural breeze, enchanting forest patches that are home to some of the world’s most endangered flora and fauna, and coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life.

Mantalongon Highlands, the gateway to Osmeñs Peak

MOST OF ALL, Dalaguete is the gateway to reach Cebu’s highest point – the photogenic OSMEÑA PEAK. Watch out for my next post.

Getting to Dalaguete From Cebu City
One can find the Municipality of Dalaguete in the Southern part of the beautiful Island Province of Cebu.  Once you arrive in Mactan International Airport, just call for a taxi or a vehicle for hire to bring you to the Cebu South Bus Terminal. From the terminal, choose any of the buses available:

Air-conditioned Vehicles:
– Ceres Bus Liner
– Sunrays Bus Liner

Non Air-conditioned Vehicles:
– Ceres Bus Liner
– Sunrays Bus Liner
– Natalie Bus Liner
– Villahermosa Bus Liner
– D Rough Riders Bus Liner

The Travel Teller with the Locales of Dalaguete