My deep love for the beach and my passion for island living brought me to see the numerous coastal wonders of our country. The aqua marine waters, the glorious sunsets, the feel of sand in-between my toes – these send chills of excitement whenever I think of beautiful beaches to bask around during weekends. Discovering something new and unexpected from what is familiar drives me more to escape, explore and experience the many stunning beaches and breathtaking islands we have in this archipelago called the Philippines.

Islands And BeachesI have been to different towns and provinces in the country endowed with amazing Islands and Islets but collating the best and most beautiful ones is not an easy task. Home of 7,107 dazzling islands, Philippines is a tropical paradise to escape, explore and experience – be it low cost holidays or posh ones.

Here are my Top 20 Beach Destinations

CATEEL, DAVAO ORIENTAL. The beach is definitely my most favorite place on earth, and beach bumming, as I called it, is definitely my favorite outdoor escapade. Blame it to my hometown of Cateel. It is where my love for the sun, the sand and the sea started. It is where the “son of the beach” in me was born. It is my first love.

CATEEL BEACHESTALICUD ISLAND, IGACOS. About 45 minutes boat ride from mainland Davao, Talicud Island is home to pristine beaches, vast coral gardens and untouched coves of the Davao Gulf. One of my favorite beaches here is Babu Santa Beach – very laidback, serene and clean. When I have the itch for the beach, this is the place that always comes to mind.

TALICUD ISLANDTINGKO BEACH, ALCOY, CEBU. I am so fascinated by this lovely public beach. It is just situated along the coastal highway of South Cebu. It is a one-stop destination for those who crave for white sand beaches and turquoise sea waters.

TINGKO BEACHMABUA PEBBLE BEACH, SURIGAO CITY. Just when I thought beautiful beaches are those of pristine white sand and cobalt sea waters, my quick visit to the Pebble Beach of Mabua proved me wrong. Setting foot there for the first time, I can’t help but admire its unique splendor that I must say beautifully sculptured by nature.

MABUASANTA CRUZ ISLAND, ZAMBOANGA CITY. When I dreamed of pink sand beaches, Santa Cruz Island always comes to mind. It is the main reason why I traveled to Zamboanga City – to see the pinkish sand of this Island.

SANTA CRUZ ISLANDSIGABOY, GOVGEN, DAVAO ORIENTAL. Oh Boy, this is just one of those places I will never get tired of coming back. The beaches are just so enticing. The Altar, a rare rock formation said to be the place where St. Francis Xavier offered his first mass, is a must-see. Sands of different colors also abound at Sigaboy.

SIGABOYISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL. 15 minutes boat ride from mainland Davao, Samal Island is like a tropical home to me. It has so many spectacular things to offer for a Son of a Beach like me. Its proximity of where I live is one of the reasons why I frequent Samal Island.

SAMAL ISLANDBAGANGA, DAVAO ORIENTAL. Secret no more, Baganga is a coastal wonder teeming with most pristine beaches, undiscovered coves, unspoiled estuaries, well-preserved islands and breathtaking coastlines. It is an “Ecstasy By Sea” of my home province of Davao Oriental.

BAGANGAOLANIBAN ISLAND, SARANGANI, DAVAO DEL SUR. This island is truly Saragani’s precious jewel. Every visitor – beach lover or not – would certainly fall in love with island’s fascinating charm.

OLANIBAN ISLANDGUMASA, GLAN, SARANGANI PROVINCE. Coined as Boracay of the South, Gumasa Beach is a place you’d like to call home during summer – quaint, rustic and laidback. A true tropical gem to Sarangani Province.

GUMASADAHICAN BEACH, MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL. The sand, the sun, the ocean, the wind and the waves – make up a beautiful Dahican Beach. Groomed as Skimboarding Capital of South, Dahican is a haven for surfer dudes and skimboarders. More than a surfing destination, it is one pristine beach one would just love to bask around.

DAHICANPAGUDPUD, ILOCOS NORTE. While those beach combers keep comparing Pagudpud to Boracay Island, it purely is what Boracay once was – pristine and untouched. Pagupud remains to be an absolute beach haven away from the bustling noise of the concrete jungle one can find now in Boracay.

PAGUDPUDBRITANNIA GROUP OF ISLANDS, SAN AGUSTIN, SURIGAO DEL SUR. 24 stunning islands and islet comprised the most beautiful coastal scene I’ve seen in the whole Province of Surigao Del Sur – the Britannia Group of Island. A must visit destination in the province.

BRITANNIAHUNDRED ISLANDS, ALAMINOS, PANGASINAN. This is one those tourist attractions featured in my Sibika at Kultura book back in my Elementary years where I dream of seeing one day. Blessed with my itch for travel, luckily, I have seen the Hundred Islands.

HUNDRED ISLANDSCAMIGUIN. An island born of fire, Camiguin is ♥. This is one of my favorite places on earth. The beaches and islands are to die for. Not only that, this island province teems of natural wonders apt for great adventure – waterfalls, volcanoes, hotspring, diving site – everything you want for perfect getaway.

CAMIGUIN ISLANDPANGLAO, BOHOL. Back in 2004 where I just started my itch for beach getaway, Panglao Island was my first out-of-Mindanao beach destination. I stayed here for three days enjoying the tropical island breeze of Bohol Beach Club. I will always love Panglao Island.

PANGLAO BEACHDINAGAT ISLANDS. Mystical Island Province of Love. The Province of Dinagat Islands is one destination I will never get tired of exploring. It is an Island Province not only blessed with pristine Islands and Islets but other natural wonders that truly define the mystical beauty of the province.

DINAGAT ISLANDSBORACAY, AKLAN. Like everyone in this country who loves the beach, Boracay is the ultimate destination. Being the country’s most prized island, seeing and experiencing Boracay for the first time was a dream come true – a true tropical paradise.

BORACAYCARAMOAN PENINSULA, CAMARINES SUR. Prized location of 7 different International Survivor Franchises, the most celebrated reality show on earth, Caramoan Group of Islands is definitely a world class Island Destination in Luzon. I dream of going back there someday.

CARAMOANBUCAS GRANDE ISLANDS, SOCORRO, SURIGAO DEL NORTE. When God created the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, He chose the town of Socorro to be one home of the country’s most mystical gifts of nature. These are gifts Socorro can truly claim one of the finest in the entire country. The group of beautiful islands and islets are beautifully scattered in the tranquil clear blue waters of Siargao. The abundant verdant vegetations that cover the mountains are thick and untrimmed. The coves are mystical and enchantingly mesmerizing. The serene exquisiteness of the lakes is truly magical. All that comprise the Bucas Grande Islands are glorious natural wonders.

BUCAS GRANDE ISLANDSTHERE THEY ARE!The Travel Teller’s Top 20 Beach Destinations in the country. They are just twenty of the best of the best! There are more to boast in these 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, the Pearl of the Pacific!