“It feels soooooooooo good to be back!”

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL ISLAND 15This is exactly what I felt the minute I saw that huge signage glued on the cliff side. “Welcome back to SECDEA!” This I muttered.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL ISLAND 502It was a year ago when I first stayed here lavishly enjoying all its amenities and facilities which I personally considered as one of the finest in the whole Island Garden City of Samal. It was one of my perfect getaways at the Island last year. I got to stay at one of their nicest rooms and got to borrow the golf cart and drove it around the resort up to the owner’s vacation house which is overlooking the vast Davao Gulf, the two Liguid Islands and the resort below.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 30Recently, when our friend Christine Afdal invited me and my travel buddy Ida for another overnight stay, I replied with my BIG BIG YES!

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 5SECDEA Beach Resort is conveniently located in San Isidro, Babak District. It is easily accessible whether by a private car or even habal-habal ride. It is about 15 minutes travel if you’re coming from Babak proper or 25 minutes from Peñaplata. More than the resort’s proximity, SECDEA’s reputation as among the finest vacation resorts equipped with contemporary amenities, modern facilities and charming tropical ambience is the reason why it is popular among beach lovers and holiday seekers.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 10SECDEA’s villas, lodges and seaside cottages are designed with coziness and comfort – all comes with clean, spacious and modern bathrooms. Last year, I stayed at one of their beautiful Seashell Rooms but this time we were booked at the East View Room which is a bit expensive but offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Davao Gulf, the two famous Liguid Islands and blue infinity pool of the resort.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL ISLAND 18I remember how l almost melted when I got inside our room and saw the different shades of blue sparkling from the distance. It was a dazzling sight to see from my room which is painted in all white.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL ISLAND 14Just like last year, I borrowed the golf cart and drove it around the resort. A lot has changed since my first visit. The other infinity pool which was still on construction last year is finally functional now. It’s more striking than the other one. They also added more rooms to cater the growing demand for accommodation. Beside the chapel, a Koi pond is built. There is a newly built stations of the cross perfect for the Lenten Season. The breakwater is also done. The propagules planted last year along the mangrove area are quite big now. Seeing the new improvements, I’m loving SECDEA Beach Resort more.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 14SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 28 SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 29My favorite place here is the Mangrove Walk. Inside the mini-mangrove forest is a long wooden and concrete bridge built to conveniently stroll around the mini-forest. It’s so relaxing to roam around here. You can choose to stay for a bit and sit on the benches while enjoying the gulf view and warm sea breeze under the shade of century-old Patapat and Bakhaw trees.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT 3 Aside from the mangrove walk, there are other exciting things to do here at SECDEA. The 124-steps stairway leading to the hill overlooking the view of Davao Gulf and the entire Resort is the perfect way to work out your knees and sweat out. But if you’re really a beach fanatic, you can just simply bask on the beach and frolic in the sand. Trust me, SECDEA will never bore you. It didn’t bore me for the second time around.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 6 SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 11 SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 16 SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 17 SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL 20Good food at SECDEA. This is what I said last year. Since their Bagnet Pinakbet and Adobo are my favorites here, I never left them without tasting them again. But of course, lunch buffet here offers variety of dishes to choose from. My new favorite is the Kare-Kare. I can still taste the rich peanut sauce on my lips. Hahaha.

SECDEA BEACH RESORT SAMAL ISLAND 19For some, SECDEA’s day tour rates as well as room rates may be quite costly, but is nevertheless, worth its value.

The Travel Teller and Ida, the Explorer! 🙂

For more information, you may check the details and related information below.

SECDEA Beach Resort
San Isidro, Babak District
Island Garden City of Samal
Landline Numbers: (082) 305 2774 / 305-4028 / 295-7912
Mobile Numbers: 0932-868-0887 / 0925-892-6072