QUAYSIDE HOTEL: A Haven of Comfort in Melaka, Malaysia

One of the highlights of my Malaysia trip was my visit to the beautiful city of MALACCA, a UNESCO Heritage City about 3 hours bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to the Quayside Hotel, my Melaka Heritage Tour was made more exciting and tremendously unforgettable.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (222)A stone-throw away from Melaka’s famous landmarks, Quayside Hotel is the newest addition to Malacca’s scores of fascinating hotels. Once a customs warehouse, it was renovated and transformed into a 3-star Boutique Hotel but has preserved the feel and features of what it is in the past. It is an ideal example a new concept hotel where new innovations and a little touch of antiquity is perfectly combined.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (637)From the outside, Quayside Hotel plainly looked like a modest warehouse. But as soon I got in, I was immediately welcomed by the impressive minimalist design of the inside. It offers an ambience of a five-star hotel with beautiful and stylish interiors that awaken my senses. The staffs were very accommodating reassuring a friendly and personalized service that makes me feel right at home. At an instant, I was so overwhelmed with the thought of having perfect time in this side of Malaysia. With the warm Malaccan hospitality, the atmosphere was made even homier.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (717) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (716)The spacious hotel lobby of Quayside Hotel is a charmer for me. Very minimalist but artfully designed to impress even its most discerning guest. To maintain the feel of its past, some of the furniture in the hotel is made from recycled items. I’m so amused to see tables made out recycled wooden palette.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (91)Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (86) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (742) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (743)What I like most about Quayside Hotel is its perfect location where Malacca’s must-visit tourist attractions are just within reach. Located at Merdeka Street, Quayside Hotel is where you can perfectly start your journey back time and history in this heritage city. In fact, adjacent to the hotel is the centuries-old Water Wheel and old Dutch buildings. Just a few walk is the famous Christ Church Melaka built in 1741. The Dutch Heritage Trail and the old Malacca West Bank Heritage Trail are just walking distance away. And hola, at the back of the hotel is the historical Melaka River.

At the back of Quayside Hotel is this quaint Melaka River.
At the back of Quayside Hotel is this quaint Melaka River.

Quayside Hotel being the one the newest boutique hotels in Malacca offers excellent services, state-of-the-art amenities and facilities that can truly satisfy the needs of its guests. When it opened last May 1, 2013, Quayside Hotel promised to bring a remarkable and worthwhile option to the accommodation scene in this historical tourist town.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (88)True to its word, my stay at Quayside Hotel was tremendously remarkable. I was booked at the Azure Suite and was pampered with such services I truly can’t forget even this time of writing. At RM 320++, it is the hotel’s most expensive suite but I got the most beautiful view one can get in Melaka – the dazzling Melaka River.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (29)Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (56) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (65)As I entered the suite, I immediately fell in love with it. Indeed, size does matter and yes, Azure Suite is so spacious for one person. Everything inside the room is a work of art – beautifully designed to compliment such beautiful ambience. I love the details of every piece inside the suite. From the frame portraits to the furniture neatly arranged on the sides. The bed is exceptionally comfortable and the bedside light specially made for Quayside Hotel is also a fascinating work of art.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (40)Now talking about comfort, the bathroom is just a heaven. That rain dance shower room is just so refreshing. I can still vividly recall how I stayed there for almost half an hour refreshing from the tiring heritage tour at Melaka.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (84) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (77)Quayside Hotel boasts of 39 beautiful and stylish rooms to choose from – superior, premium and suites ranging from RM 188++ to RM 320++. These special rates are surprisingly affordable considering the quality of the rooms, service and its ideal location.

Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (58) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (63)Staying with Quayside Hotel comes with a complimentary breakfast at Halia Inc, a restaurant adjacent with the hotel. I chose local breakfast on my first day and western on the second. I have to admit, the food is to die for – I am so in love the char chuey teow.

IMG_0159 IMG_0162 IMG_0166 IMG_0160Halia Inc is a restaurant and bar by the riverside also owned and managed by the owners of Quayside Hotel. The place is incredibly spacious and just like its sister hotel, interiors and designs are interestingly impressive. I love the cozy ambience especially at night. I tried sitting near the area where I can take a good view of Melaka River – just lovely. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner serving oh-so-delectable cuisines.


Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (740) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (739) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (397) Melaka Malaysia Trip 2013 (738)Staying at Quayside Hotel gives me the opportunity to experience not only the fun and allure of the heritage city of Melaka but also the chance to pamper myself with quality hotel service that this type of hotel can offer. That said, Quayside Hotel is not only an ordinary place to stay but a great place to enjoy unique experience that balance the comforts of home with innovations in hospitality. Given a great chance, I shall come back and stay again in this place I can now call – a home in Melaka.

Stuart, the handsome owner of Quayside Hotel and Halia Inc.
Stuart, the handsome owner of Quayside Hotel and Halia Inc.

Thank you Quayside Hotel for your hospitality. Thank you Stuart for this experience.

No 1 Jalan Merdeka
Quayside Heritage Centre
Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka
Tel :+06-284 1001
Fax :+06-284 1002

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://quaysidehotel.com.my/
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