TAMAYONG PRAYER MOUNTAIN: An Abode of Peace and Serenity

The cool mountain breeze of Tamayong started to crawl on my skin. The sun was up with its scorching heat but I cannot feel it here. As I sit on the bench gluing my eyes to the astonishing scenery before me, I was gently transported to a state of serenity and stillness. As I look around examining every single feature of this edenic place, I concluded to myself that indeed this is a sacred place to find serenity, to meditate and to pray.


This is the kind of state that Tamayong Prayer Mountain brought me to. Located at the foothills of Mt. Apo in Tamayong, Calinan District of Davao City, this Covenant Mountain & Prayer Center of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ enjoys a cool temperature all year round. But aside from the cool climate of this 8-hectare property, it is the well-manicured landscape, well-kept gardens and the European-style buildings that make this place a “paradise on earth” where peace and absolute serenity can be well-felt. For the faithful, they called it “The Garden of Eden Restored”.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain (4) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (56) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (100)Upon entering the Prayer Mountain, I was immediately transported to a different world. My eyes feasted looking and appreciating the well-manicured lawns, the lush gardens, the colorful plants, the landscape architecture, and the European-inspired buildings. And for an instant, I was instantaneously embraced by the sheer feeling of serenity, tranquility, and calmness.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer MountainIt was Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Founder and Executive Pastor of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ who spearheaded the construction of the Prayer Mountain with the help of his full-time workers and volunteers. Aside being the birthplace of the religious leader, this mountain side of Davao City has become an important place for his flock. When the whole world prepared to welcome the new millennium in 2000, Kingdom of Jesus Christ citizens work hand in hand for a 24-hour non-stop construction of this complex for their Millennial Service – a gathering of thousands of Kingdom faithful from different parts of the world at the turn of the new millennium on December 31, 1999. It took only six months to complete the construction in time for the said celebration.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer MountainThe complex features three grand western-inspired buildings painted in blue, pink and yellow. They are called Millennial Houses. The well-kept gardens are copiously filled with various flowers and plants. I learned that 60% of the flowers and plants that are planted here are imported from around the world. Leaves of pest-prone plants are soaped individually by the gardeners. About 200 workers work hand in hand to maintain and keep the sprawling complex.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain (28) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (58) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (64)Adding to the exquisiteness of the place is the soothing music coming from the outdoor landscape speakers installed in different corners of the complex. I was told that this piped-in centralized music is played all over the place, 24 hours a day.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer Mountain Tamayong Prayer MountainLike sacred shrines, Tamayong Prayer Mountain imposes some rules to follow when visiting the place. Proper dress code is required. Wearing of sleeveless, slippers, and shorts are not allowed for both men and women. As this is a prayer mountain, visitors are expected to make unnecessary noise while wandering around the mountain paradise.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain (72) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (78) Tamayong Prayer Mountain (83)When it opened in 1999, Tamayong Prayer Mountain was exclusively for the use of Kingdom of Jesus Christ and its faithful. But in 2011, the good Pastor decided to open their gates for the public to see and experience the Prayer Mountain. To visit the place, one can secure authorization from Jose Maria College near Davao City International Airport. The maintenance fee which is also considered an entrance fee is only Php 150.00. Bringing of food inside the complex is not allowed. However, there is a restaurant and a café where one can order food. It is also best recommended when you make your bookings, you also include the food package. It will cost only Php 250.00 to Php 350.00.

Restaurant inside Tamayong Prayer Garden
Restaurant inside Tamayong Prayer Garden
Visitors can book in advance include food o be served during the day tour.
Visitors can book in advance include food o be served during the day tour.
Souvenir Shop inside the Complex
Souvenir Shop inside the Complex

Getting to Tamayong Prayer Garden is easy. If you don’t have your own vehicle, take the L300 vans or Annil Buses in Bankerohan bound for Calinan. Travel time is about an hour and fare is around Php 45.00. Upon getting to Calinan proper, look for habal-habal ride queuing along the street sides. Inform the driver to take you to Tamayong Prayer Mountain but most of them simply call the place as Quiboloy. They charge around Php 35.00 one-way. From Calinan proper, Tamayong Prayer Mountain is about 20 minutes ride.

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Special thanks to MR. RICHARD REYES for arranging my day tour to this magnificent place.