#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series | DAY SEVEN

My 7th day in Visayas is spent entirely in Negros Oriental – DUMAGUETE and VALENCIA.

  1.  Eric Arrieta fetched me at my hotel and headed to the nearby town of VALENCIA, also in Negros Oriental. Went to the church and the Municipal Hall.
  2. Destination in Valencia is the FOREST CAMP INLAND RESORT. It was Eric’s idea and his treat for me. I guess the Universe really conspired for me in this trip meeting kind and generous like Eric
  3. FOREST CAMP is among the oldest inland resorts in Valencia. It is dotted with several spring-fed swimming pools favorite among locals and tourists visiting not Negros Oriental, although if you want to use your own you could always repair your pool for the warmer days. Sadly, I didn’t bring any extra clothes I missed dipping into the cold waters of the Camp.
  4. The Forest Camp is also, according to the owner whom I met, is home to shortest ZIPLINE in Negros Oriental and perhaps the country.
  5. When Mr. Florante Vicuna learned about my crazy zipline adventures that went viral and landed me to KMJS, he was very excited to let me try it. They called it ZIPPIE, short zipline.
  6. And so, I zipped. At 82 meters long, it is the shortest I’ve tried so far. I even underestimated it but when I rode on it, bang, there was a twist. Instead of using breakers, they used a board made of rubber that will let the rider bounce back when he gets to the end line. I never knew that. So all the while I was thinking there was a breakers at the end of the cable line. I was worried freak. Everything was caught in the video. Hell yeah, it scared me. Hahaha.
  7. From Valencia, we went back to Dumaguete. Through the help of Cindy, Eric’s niece-in-law, I was able to contact Coco Grande Hotel as my sponsor for my last night in Dumaguete.
  8. Coco Grande Hotel is among the finest places to stay in Dumaguete. I personally like their Mexican inspired ambience.
  9. The room is nice, clean and comfortable. Perfect for a night
  10. Coco Grande Hotel also owns the Coco Amigos Restaurant and Bar in Rizal Boulevard. Dinner was served there. Eric and I enjoyed what’s said to be the best Mexican food in Dumaguete.
  11. After dinner, went straight to Bo’s to meet my friend Elena who was also in Dumaguete for her masteral classes. It was fun meeting her along with her friends in music. While they talked about music, I talked about travels. Just combination.
  12. I didn’t stay long. Went back to the hotel and enjoyed my stay at Coco Grande Hotel.
  13. What a perfect day I have in Negros Oriental.

Shout out of thanks goes out to ERIC ARRIETA and COCO GRANDE HOTEL for the Seventh Day here in the Visayas!!!

#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series | DAY SIX

Still at Siquijor, I requested Miel to bring me to the beach where I can just laze around and swim. We drove back to San Juan where Miel described as home to some of the best white sand public beaches in Siquijor. He brought to Backpacker’s Village and met her friend there who owns the place. It has nice rooms and cozy ambience and the beach, hola, just perfect. I hurried and swam and swam and swam! It was what all I needed for that day.


By 11:00 PM, I was already on the boat bound for Dumaguete, the capital of NEGROS ORIENTAL – the fourth province of my Visayas Trip. I did not take the fastcraft but took the RORO vessel instead and cost me only Php 100.00 for 1 and a half boat ride to Dumaguete against Php 200.00 for fastcraft for an hour.

On my SIXTH DAY in Visayas, I said HELLO to NEGROS ORIENTAL coming from my exciting trip in Siquijor. Days before this trip, I already contacted my friends Dan and Kikit who lived in Dumaguete before they moved to Japan if I can stay at their place. Dan’s mom, Tita Soyna, never hesitated to say NO. That was the plan. But when I get to Dumaguete that day, I started going around the city taking photographs of places I listed on my notes with my very heavy backpack bag on my back. It was too heavy it drained too fast I decided to look for a cheaper hotel/hostel within the center I can leave my bag right away. So my plan to stay at Tita Soyna didn’t push through. I stayed at an Inn that cost me Php 275 for a fan room. From there, I started going around more of what to see in Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People.



  1. When I arrived at Pier and headed right away to SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY. Even before, when Dumaguete is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is SILLIMAN. Thus, I did not miss going inside when I got here. I was so happy to see the National Historical Marker inside the campus which means the University is a historical site.
  2. I call it “SOP”, I must go to the Provincial Capitol Building and take photo of myself there.
  3. Went to the Plaza and checked the Tourism Center for information, maps and brochure.
  4. Near the plaza is the Rizal Monument which bears a National Historical Marker also – Rizal sa Dumaguete. In front is the St. Anne Alexandria Cathedral and the old Campanario de Dumaguete.
  5. And then I walked further to the famous Rizal Boulevard of Dumaguete and took a selfie at the “I Love Dumaguete” sign. When I posted it on my Facebook Wall, an FB Friend, ERIC ARRIETA, from Davao whom I haven’t met yet saw it and invited me to see him, dine at his Tapsilogan and offered to tour me around the City and nearby town of Negros Oriental. Of course I said YES!
  6. I was looking for famed SILVANA’s only to find out it was just across the monument of Sisters of St. Paul.
  7. I stayed for an hour at the Boulevard watching people come and go, observing somehow Dumaguetenos’ way of life.
  8. I looked for a laundry shop for my dirty clothes. Been six days now since I traveled. Found one near Silliman University.
  9. Beside the laundry shop is a Spa. I can’t resist it. Went for an hour massage for Php 180.00.
  10. Went back to hotel, refreshed and went to see Eric for dinner. Dined at his delicious tapsilogan boasting that all the ingredients come from Davao.
  11. As promised, we went out and let me drive his motorcycle. Just wow. I was driving in Dumaguete.
  12. He treated me for a foot massage at the Boulevard and let me eat the tempura and fish balls in the area.
  13. It didn’t stop there, he brought me to BARS. Thus making it my first night out in this 20-day trip.
  14. Thank you Eric. You’re unbelievably kind.

That’s it. My night ended clubbing at Dumaguete. Tomorrow is another day!