Musuan, abode of Central Mindanao University, is not only renowned as the Academic Paradise of Southern Philippines but also known being the home of Musuan Volcano, one of the 22 indentified active volcanoes in the Philippines belonging to the so called Pacific Ring of Fire. This is the last stop of my travel series to the Green Province of Bukidnon.

Persuaded by my two Bukidnon-based friends Christopher Diaz and Nancy Arelas, I agreed to climb the Musuan Volcano situated at the nearby Central Mindanao University in Maramag, Province of Bukidnon. I learned from them, being alumni of the said University, that Musuan Volcano, also known as Musuan Peak and locally called as Mount Calayo, is the most favorite hiking destination among students, teachers and locals in this part of the province. This is where they frequented when doing zoological and botanical research. But for Christopher and Nancy, this is a perfect place to relax and unwind; and the easiest way to commune with mother nature. Hence, I must try it for myself.

Trekking Musuan Peak is made very convenient, fun and easy. The jump off point is situated at CMU’s Zoological and Botanical Garden located along the national highway. The open trail going to the peak is much established. In fact, 4×4 trucks can actually pass through it. But of course, hiking and trekking that will take for only an hour going to the peak of Musuan Volcano is more fun! With the scenic view of everything that surrounds it, trekking Musuan Peak is more than just the usual. An hour trek is worth a thousand joy seeing everything up there and all that envelops it.

Being situated in the middle of the vast valley, Musuan Peak is the perfect place to get the overlooking view of the various natural sceneries of the Province. The countryside is visibly seen from the top giving one a perfect view of Mount Kitanglad on one side, Pulangi River on the other, and the green valleys, plateaus and mountains that are amazing sights to behold.

Although Musuan Volcano is an active volcano, it has no signs or threat of eruption since its recorded explosion in 1867. Now a lava dome and tuff cone covered with lushes of vegetation, Mount Musuan is among the recommended destinations to see when in the Province of Bukidnon.

With my travel soulmates Christopher Diaz and Nancy Arelas

With its scenic view and convenience, trekking Musuan Peak is definitely a must thing-to-do in this part of Bukidnon. In fact, having experienced its thrill and fun, I considered our trek that day as one of the best things I did while I was at the Green Province of Bukidnon.

Me and my new friend ANGEL at CMU’s Zoological and Botanical Garden located at the foot of Musuan Volcano


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