Davao City’s premier hotel, the Apo View Hotel, continues to prove its legacy as Davao’s true home of heritage and hospitality as they carry on their tradition of celebrating the city’s grandest festival that pays tribute to the rich and colorful culture of the Dabawenyos, the bountiful harvest and everything that is good in the City.

Year after year, the Apo View Hotel showcases the best of what Kadayawan Festival has to offer by bringing in all the colorful sights, lively sounds and the blissful vibe of the festivities inside the premises of the hotel. Hotel guests who stayed and dined at the Apo View during this week-long celebration were treated with in-house festivities to feel the vibe and spirit of Mindanao’s grandest Festival.

Upon entering the premises of the Apo View Hotel, guests are welcomed by a beautiful centrepiece adorned and filled by the symbols of Kadayawan Season – the bountiful harvest, the fresh fruits and the colorful flowers. Think of anything about Kadayawan, they’re all there. These are sights and sounds depicting the festive colors, cheerful sound and jovial spirit of the celebration – all gathered inside the hotel.

Being Davao’s premier and the second oldest hotel in the Philippines, Apo View Hotel’s own version of the Kadayawan Festival embraces the city’s invaluable effort in honoring, preserving and promoting the artistry and rich culture not just the bustling City of Davao but of the Island Mindanao as a whole.

For many years now, Apo View Hotel’s celebration of Kadayawan Festival has always been a favorite among its valued guests and loyal patrons. At one point, it is renowned being the only hotel in Davao with such festive and most colorful event every Kadayawan Festival season. And being situated in the heart of the city, the city’s premier hotel is just walking-distance to the different venues of the various events made in line with the celebration of Kadayawan Festival.

Kadayawan Festival has always been the city’s grandest celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. And kudos to the Apo View Hotel for continuing its tradition of bringing the festive colors, cheerful sounds and jovial spirit of this celebration inside their walls and unto the hearts of their valued guests.

Indeed, Apo View Hotel is a history of heritage and hospitality – a perfect home for Kadayawan Season.

***I would like to thank Ms. Leah Adolfo for my Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival 2017 weekend experience at the Apo View Hotel.