TRAVEL TO HAWAII | But which island to go to?

People think of Hawaii and the first things they see in their head are white sand beaches, clear blue-green sea, flower necklaces, big waves and surfers. But the truth is that very few people really know what Hawaii offers. The state of Hawaii is made up of 4 large islands and two little ones. It is impossible to roam around all of it in less than 20 days but at least one month is necessary to see all of it. Most people visit only one or sometimes two.


The actually known islands that can be visited are 6, but the archipelago is made up of a huge number of islands, most of them underwater. All were formed by at least one volcano and are composed primarily of solidified lava from successive eruptions over millions of years.


The best known island is Oahu, where the city of Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital and only city in the island is actually located. It is a mix of Hawaiian culture with the comforts and amenities of the 21st century. It is the only one where we can find world-class museums. There are lots of resorts and generally there are options for everyone. It is also known for its huge waves for surfing on the North Shore.


Maui, the second largest and second most famous island, has some of the best beaches in the world. It is a great place to watch whales, has a large dormant volcano and a very good nightlife, very quaint historic towns like Lahaina and a variety of resorts. But undoubtedly the main attraction is to handle the Road to Hana, a spectacular way that offers a variety of natural landscapes.


Big Island, the newest and largest of the islands, has 11 of the 13 climate zones of the world, from white sandy beaches to snowy mountains. It is quite green and natural, many of the main attractions will require long walks and there’s no tourist infrastructure such as the previous two. It has a few large sandy beaches but its main attraction is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a national park of volcanoes with several interesting activities to do. In the park the volcano Kilauea, one of the busiest in the world is located, so it is very common to see the lava flowing.


The last and oldest of the big islands is Kauai, the least known and developed, but in my opinion the best. It is also called the Garden Isle. It is full of huge sand beaches and lush natural beauty all around, the greenest of all the major islands. You’ll find landscapes from another planet such as the Napali Coast and the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the Waymea Canyon, among its most stunning natural attractions. It’s really amazing!