FOOD FROM HOME: Straight From My Plate To Yours!

One of the best things I love about going home back to my little charming town of Cateel, be it a long vacation or a short one, is the food delicately and delectably prepared before us. These are the kinds of cuisines some people in the big city consider luxurious and rare but for locals like my townsfolk these are just part of their ordinary meal. Thus, each time I’m home, I simply lavish myself with these sinful delights.

For the first time ever, I won’t be talking too much. Instead, I will let these mouthwatering photos speak for themselves and let them tickle your palate. This is my sinful indulgence – direct from my plate to yours!

The Star For All the Parties – LECHON!
MANLUHOD (Little Lobster)
This we call KAMBIRING, a polka dotted Crabs.
Our local version of Zamboanga’s CURACHA!
We call this thing – BANISIL!
One of my favorites, TAB-ANAY!
Shells from the Oceans, Not Pearly Though!
Another type of Shell. (I used to believed these were Mermaids’ combs)
Best cooked as soup, Tuway!
Everyone’s favorite, KAGANG (Crab)!
For meryenda, we have PUTO and SUMAN!
Just so you know, this is a NATIVE MANGO! Small but terribly SWEET!
My favorite street food – HAWUB!
Sweet Delight, MAJA BLANCA!
… and the festival of TROPICAL FRUITS!
Kalderetang Kambing. It Melts In Your Mouth!
Wild fern – PAKU!
The Native Garden Salad – Paku, Camote Tops & Okra!

There they are – delectable food for a PROBINSYANO like me. These are our local delights I will never trade for anything in this world!