VIDEO BLOG: EDEN NATURE PARK AND RESORT – Davao City’s Ultimate Sky Adventure

Are you looking for a sky-high heart-pumping adventure? At Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City, they have three perfect blood-pumping treat for you! Welcome to SKY ADVENTURE. You can pedal your way to the sky with SKYCYCLE; ride and zip to the sky with SKYRIDE; and you can swing and drop from A 95-feet high SKYSWING. If you are a certified thrill seeker, Sky Adventure is the place for you.

As they say, life is one big adventure. So, be daring. Be brave. Live it!

I did. We did.



EDEN NATURE PARK, Davao City’s home of extreme rides introduces its newest extreme attraction – the SKYSWING, the very first of its kind in the whole Davao Region. This is a kind of adventure that tests one’s limit as the ride reaches a maximum height of 95 feet and hoists the rider 80 feet above the ground. The thought alone has a tingling sensation. Adrenaline junkies like me should not miss it.

The skyswing ride is enhanced by securing the rider a body harness and safety gears. These are all especially ordered and made in France. The thrill begins as the rider is slowly elevated to his desired height. Once up there hung from the harness, the rider will be notified by a whistle signaling a super drop. Skyswing hoists the rider 80 feet above the ground. The ride will take approximately 10 minutes from safety gears set-up to finish.

This Eden’s newest extreme ride is open to all ages as long as the rider is above 4 feet height requirement. Worry not about the safety. They have attendants and operators well-trained to ensure the safety of the riders. They even help overcome your fears to experience the unique thrill of this ride.

Skyswing is open daily from 1pm to 5pm on Monday to Thursday and 8am to 5pm on Friday to Sunday. But of course, there’s more to Eden Nature Park and Resort than Skyswing. As Davao’s most popular and most visited mountain resort, Eden Nature Park offers a variety of exciting things to do and heart-stopping adventures. It is not just a thrill seekers’ paradise but a true haven for all nature lovers.

The Travel Teller ready for to SWING TO THE SKY OF EDEN with his travel buddy, IDA DAMO of ChoosePhils.Com
The Travel Teller ready to SWING TO THE SKY OF EDEN with his travel buddy IDA DAMO of ChoosePhils.Com

I have ridden a number of extreme adventures in the past and Eden’s Skyswing is definitely one of my favorites – a highly recommended activity when you are in Davao City. Shout out of thanks to Ms. Brenda Ocampo for this experience.