MACO’S MAINIT SULFURIC HOT SPRING: One Unique Destination To Visit

Aside from Lake Leonard, another must-see place in Maco, Compostela Valley is the one-of-a-kind Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring.

MACO MAINIT SULFURIC HOTSPRING (81)Home to Mt. Leonard Kniazeff, one of the 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines as identified by Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), the town of Maco teems with geological attractions that define what eco-adventure tourism is all about. One of these is the Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring.

The Travel Teller amazed the Rare Beauty of Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring
An Amazing Sight to Behold!
An Amazing Sight to Behold!

Just when I thought hotspring waters are contained in manmade or natural pools, Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring is a steaming waterfall. This steaming ordinary resort is located at the hillside of Barangay Mainit. It is very accessible and walking distance from the highway. A huge signage bearing the name of the place is placed along the side.

The Yellowish Rocks

Hot springs are among my favorite places to bathe or swim. There is healing power and rejuvenating effect every time I soak my body in it. But bathing under the hot cascading waters is something I have never tried in the past. This is what made me excited about this place.

Locales Enjoying the Warm Healing Waters of the Hotspirng
Steaming Hot

When we got to Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring, it was the steaming view of the cascading waters that first took my interest. It was a new sight to me seeing hot steaming waters freely flowing from different geological formations.

A Hotspring and A Waterfall
Cottages For Rent at Php 30.00
Cottages For Rent at Php 30.00

In my desire to experience it first hand, I rushed to the hot waterfall base only to realize the waters were really hot. I had to soak my feet first in the gushing warm waters for couple of minutes for them to adjust with the temperature. When done, I ran to the cascading waters trying to test if I can brave its warmness. To my dismay, it is really hot. I told myself to wait until its dusk so it won’t be that boiling. And so I contented going around scrutinizing every inch of this place that was a new sight to my eyes.

The Warm Cascading Waters
Hotspring and Waterfalls - In One.
Hotspring and Waterfalls – In One.

There are many interesting things I noticed about Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring. Geological formations where the hot waters cascade are all yellowish in color. This is mainly because of the sulfuric content of the water flowing on it. Also, some of these geological formations are of interesting shapes. We were blown away seeing one rock formation that resembled a man’s genital.

Interesting Geological Formations
Interesting Geological Formations
Another Geological Formation
Another Geological Formation

Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring is a favorite place for locals living nearby. In fact, some of them would just come to bathe and left. Others would stay longer to enjoy the healing waters of the hot spring. People come go. Aside from being a nicer place to relax, everything here is cheap. Entrance fee is surprisingly at Php 5.00 per person. Cottages are available for rent at very cheap price. There is also one store at the side selling only basic commodities. For overnight stay, rooms can be rented for Php 300.00 a night.

Nature At Its Best

Maco’s Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring is one unique geologic attraction in Davao Region that eco-adventure lovers should never miss. The fact that it is a hot spring at the same time a waterfall is something one should see and experience. And when you get there, dare enough to take a bath and relish the medicinal sulfuric feel of the hot spring.

The Steaming Scene

Hidden in the lush valleys of Barangay Mainit, Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring can be reached from the City of Tagum. Tagum is about 45-drive from the City of Davao, the gateway to all cities and towns in Davao Region. From Tagum City Overland Terminal, take a passenger jeep or bus that plies Tagum-Massara Route. Tell the bus driver to drop you off Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring. The place is popular among locals. If you are traveling from any part of the country or the world, there are flights that will bring you to Davao City and from there start your eco-adventure to this one of kind destination.