There is no doubt that the Philippines has the longest Christmas holiday season in the world and the Filipinos, even those who live abroad, are known to celebrate the season with great anticipation and wondrous merriment, and the City of Davao, along with its great people, is no different.

dscf3955For the entire month of December, the city beats with exciting and cheerful Christmas events known as Pasko Fiesta sa Davao. This yuletide merriment is part of the official annual event celebrated in the whole City of Davao.

dscf3894Pasko Fiesta has become the city’s tradition of celebrating the wonders and magic of Christmas. It also serves as year-ender celebration and thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings that the City and its people enjoy throughout the year – and that include the unity and camaraderie that people of Davao enjoy.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20164 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20165 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20166 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20167 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20168This Yuletide Festival has also become a way of showcasing Dabawenyos ingenuity and creativity. It is during this season that the city is filled with colorful decorative lightings adorned all over in the city – from street posts and center islands to public parks and government buildings. Everywhere, you can feel the spirit of Christmas.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201612 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201613 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201614 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201621The most anticipated event during Pasko Fiesta sa Davao is opening ceremony that highlights the traditional lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree at the Rizal Park and the City of Hall of Davao. This annual event draws spectators to witness and take a first glance of the glittering and shimmering showcase of Christmas lights that added more festive spirit in the area.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201625 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201626 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201627Year after year, the historical City Hall of Davao becomes a Christmas Symbol and a Holiday Landmark as locals and tourists flock in front of the city’s heritage building to see and take photos glowing structure. It becomes a fitting venue that provide Dabawenyos the opportunity to commune together to celebrate the yuletide season and share its message of love and peace. It is a perfect spot where families can come and bond together during yuletide season.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201628 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201629 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201630A wide range of activities for both locals and tourist are also available throughout the entire celebration of Pasko Fiesta sa Davao. Among the most anticipated activities is the Parade of Lighted Christmas Lanterns where a variety of well-decorated holiday symbols and lanterns are on display.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20162 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201617 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201618 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201620 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201624Pasko Fiesta sa Davao 2016 runs from December 2, 2016 to January 2, 2017. So, when you’re in Davao City during this season, visit the City Hall of Davao and get yourself that one wonderful selfie at the city’s Holiday Landmark. Christmas in Davao City is Pasko Fiesta!!!pasko-fiesta-davao-2016



The Palm City of the Philippines officially welcomed the Yuletide Season as they lighted the city’s grand holiday tree that once said to be the tallest in the whole Davao Region. The traditional lighting of this giant steel structure is an annual event every Tagumeños looks forward to witness every year. I am so honored to be among those guests privileged to witness Tagum City’s most glistening event every year.

Tagum City Giant Christmas TreeThis year’s Holiday Tree measures 23.94 meters (78.56 feet) in height and prettified by thousands of colorful twinkling lights in different shapes and forms that symbolize the Christmas Season. The towering steel tree is filled with decorative shapes from flowers to birds, stars to angels that seemed to come alive as multi-colored glistening lights were lighted. Among those interesting symbols, it is the giant Eagle Wings on the very top of the Holiday Tree that stand out as the main highlight.

Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (115)Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (108) Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (111)The ceremonial lighting of the holiday tree was accompanied by a street choir performance by the 200 Voices Choir with the Tagum City Junior Symphonic Orchestra. It is very interesting to note that Tagum City is also the home of the famous and one-of-a-kind Musikahan Festival, an annual cultural event that celebrates the Filipino excellence in musical composition, performance and production, thus, so apt for this significant affair. Along with these angelic voices of Tagum singing melodious Christmas Carols, the welcoming of the Yuletide Season was made even more momentous. I was like swayed away while listening to the old Christmas carols I’ve grown up singing with.

Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (19) Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (37) Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (78) Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (84) Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (85) Year after year, the traditional lighting of the city’s holiday tree is an event to remember. The city’s Freedom Park where this Holiday Tree is erected was jam-packed with hundreds of Tagumeños and guests thrilled to witness this grand event. The ceremonial lighting was spearheaded by no less than the father of the City, Mayor Allan Rellon and attended the other local city officials. This also marks the beginning of the long and exciting Christmas Season in the whole City of Tagum.

Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (118)Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (61)Now that the city’s Holiday Tree is fully lighted, it is once more expected to attract not only the many Tagumeños but even those visiting guests. In fact for 8 years now, it has become the city’s iconic Holiday landmark that excites everyone to enjoy every Holiday Season. Such is the reason why the Local Government of Tagum valued the Giant Holiday Tree as a landmark fit to be given much interest as part of the City’s tourism campaign. And just like this towering Holiday Tree, its annual Traditional Lighting is also an anticipated event that everyone, including this writer, fails not to miss every Holiday Season.

Tagum City Giant Christmas Tree (153)With such eye-catching appeal, the city’s grand holiday tree is definitely the perfect place that offers Tagumeños the venue to commune together to celebrate and immensely feel the spirit of yuletide season. It is where the message of love, peace and hope can be felt and shared – the grand spirit of Christmas.