#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Diaries: DAY ONE.

Visayas Diaries
#TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Diary. Day One.

Day One is a such a great start. It was a long day but truly awesome.

  1. I left Davao for this 20-day trip with no fixed IT, nothing but just to explore Visayas the slowest way possible. I aimed to visit 10 provinces in 20 days.
  1. I arrived Cebu and that marks the first province of this trip.
  1. Went straight to Pier One bound for BOHOL and prayed at the nearby church for safety and good health for this whole trip.
  1. Arrived at BOHOL and was gladly welcomed by my cousins. They are my hosts here. Bohol marks the second Province of this trip.
  1. I promised to get a photo of me at the Capitol and yes, I did it. It was partly destroyed by the 2013 earthquake.
  1. Prayed at Tagbilaran Church which was spared during the said earthquake. Went further to Dauis Church and it was a heartbreaking scene. I cried. I did.
  1. Stopped at a wet market, bought stuff and cooked them for my cousins. They loved it.
  1. Luke my nephew met my little boy TINTIN. They got along with instantly. Hahaha.
  1. Went to PANGLAO BEACH at night. Hell yeah, looks and sounds like BORACAY. Got shocked because it wasn’t like this the last time I visited it in 2007. Cool though. I love the FEEL.
  1. Yes, there are FLASHBACKS. Okay. Done.

Day One. Good start. Loving it. Tomorrow is another day!

3 Regions | 10 Provinces | 20 days | Pho 10,000.00
This is #TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series.

Cebu Province – ✔
Bohol Province – ✔