EDAR’S PLACE RESTO AND LODGE: Cateel’s Most Recommended Place to Stay

After gaining its reputation as the “next big thing” in Mindanao Tourism, my hometown of Cateel has now considered a must-visit destination to discover. Thanks to the magnificent Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park, Cateel is now considered an important tourist destination not only in the Province of Davao Oriental but in the whole Davao Region.

ALIWAGWAG FALLS ECOPARK 20157But there’s more to Cateel than Aliwagwag Falls. Name it; we have it – unspoiled beaches, pristine coves and lengthy coastlines, other breathtaking waterfalls, untainted rivers, preserved mangroves, amazing caves, historical landmarks and parks, and other natural and man-made wonders. These comprise the reason why we say “Here at Cateel, We Have It All”.

DCIM100GOPROAnd to fully appreciate all these, it is recommended that visitors stay for two days and a night and get to tour around the must see, must experience things in our town. And there’s no other perfect place to stay in Cateel than the EDAR’S PLACE RESTO AND LODGE.


EDAR’S PLACE RESTO AND LODGE is situated in the town’s Poblacion. It is by far the most preferred place to stay in Cateel as it offers not only quality service and good accommodation at very affordable and economical rates but offers true Cateeleño and Mandaya hospitality to its guests.

EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 105Long before the place was opened to guests and tourists, Edar’s Place was a beautiful residential home owned by the family of Ms. Becky Edar, a local resident of Cateel. The house is an elevated bungalow type made entirely of hard wood of different variety. From floors to ceilings to walls, furnishings and furniture – everything is made of hard wood. This house is so unique among other houses in Cateel. I remember the countless times I took a glimpse whenever I passed by the area. It is just a head turner.

EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 100Soon after, the house was opened for homestay. Guests are privileged to experience the different yet homey ambience of the place. Since the day the Edars opened their doors to visiting guests, beautiful things and excellent reviews were said about the place. Soon, they added new rooms at the back of the main house to cater the increasing demand of guests staying at this beautiful place.

DCIM100GOPROWhen Typhoon Pablo struck Cateel in 2012, Edar’s Place was not spared. Along with other buildings in Cateel, some parts of the Edar’s were destroyed. Luckily, the damages were not as huge like most of the houses in Cateel. And the owners immediately made repairs as the demand for room accommodations during the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo increased. After the repair, Edar’s Place opened their doors again to the guests and become the home of Local and International Aid Organizations helping to rehabilitate Pablo-stricken Cateel. It even became the home of international and local media outlets covering Cateel at that time.

When Typhoon Pablo struck Cateel in 2012, Edar’s Place was not spared.

Today, EDAR’S PLACE RESTO AND LODGE has grown from simple homestay to a lovely Inn and Resto Bar. From 4 rooms, it has now 16 air-conditioned rooms each comes with own bathroom and toilet and TV Set. There are two types of room accommodation guests can choose from. One room for 2 persons is Php 1,000.00 while room that can accommodate 4 persons is at Php 1,500.00. Extra person is charged at Php 200.00.

Quality Service and Good Accommodation
at Very Affordable and Economical Rates

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROFor your sumptuous meals, you need not to go out to find must-eat food in Cateel. Edar’s Resto Bar serves dishes of your choice. The restaurant offers selections from your regular chicken meals to seafood. If you get lucky, lobsters locally known as “banagan” and freshwater crabs are also available. Otherwise, you can arrange ahead for your food choice.

EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 50 EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 54 EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 55 EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 62 EDARS PLACE CATEEL DAVAO ORIENTAL 67And just so you know, Cateel is situated in the eastcoast of the Province facing the vast Pacific Ocean. When in town, wake up in the very dawn and head straight to the beach and catch the beautiful sunrise rising from the Pacific horizons. Edar’s Place is just 15-minute walk to the nearest beach. Of course, you can ask the friendly staffs or no less than the owner Ate Becky Edar for assistance.

Ate Becky, the lovely owner of EDAR’S PLACE.
Awesome Place

DCIM100GOPRO Cateel has it all – waterfalls, beaches, coves, rivers, caves, parks, historical landmarks and other natural wonders. Take time to explore these natural and man-made sights and be awed by the Wonders of Cateel. But of course, there’s only one place that can be your home away from home in Cateel and that is EDAR’S PLACE RESTO AND LODGE. 

G. Dacuycuy Street, Poblacion,
Cateel, Davao Oriental
Contact Person: Ms. Becky Edar
Mobile Number: 0921-476-6907