Like Thailand and Bali, the Philippines is becoming a popular island destination. With thousands of islands to choose from, there is no shortage of beaches. Pristine white sand and clear blue waters characterize most of these spots, but each has its own particular charm.


This island features many of the most well-known -and more importantly- the most accessible beaches of the country. You can fly in directly from places like Hong Kong and Singapore, and visit a number of beach resorts that are top-quality and family-friendly. However, you may want to take a boat to Malapascua Island, which is 4 to 5 hours from the city center. This is a dream spot for scuba divers, as it is home to thresher sharks and giant schools of sardines.


This is the ultimate beach-hopping destination for bathers. Here you will find several pristine white beaches in one trip. Accessible from the city of Dumaguete, you only have to travel for an hour to get to Apo Island. This island is worth being on your itinerary because of its backpacker-friendly accommodation and long, untouched beach. There are also pristine white beaches on Tambobo Bay and Siquijor Island, not to mention excellent accommodation choices.


Recently, this long beach strip has only been given proper recognition as one of the world’s top beaches. With all of the publicity it has been gaining, this place has also become a big party spot. It is still quiet compared to other places like Kuta Beach, and if you love flying kites then that is an added bonus. You can get a romantic boat ride anytime and there is lots of night time entertainment like fire dancers. The entertainment lasts all night. The property market is booming there, so if you would like to grab a piece of tropical paradise, you can use Zipmatch, a Philippine real estate marketplace, to find your dream home in Boracay.


This beach is best known as a surfer’s paradise, but it is not without its white beaches as well. If the crowds are a bit too much, you can visit some islets that are nearby. If you are up for a drive, head to the northeastern tip where you will be among coconut palms and soft sand washed by perfect waves that go off in different directions. It is definitely a beautiful sight.

PHILIPPINE BEACHES 1Camiguin (White Island)

This beach is only accessible by boat. The color of the sand alternates from cream to pure white. Anyone can walk from one end of the beach to the other in ten minutes or less. There used to be stalls selling food, but they were removed to help maintain the beaches’ pristine look. You can still find men fishing from small boats, and this sight replaces the stalls to give a really nice village vibe to the place. If you prefer tranquility, then come after sunset when you will have the place all to yourself.