Thousands of people from across the region flocked to the famed Dahican Beach in the City of Mati as the city staged the annual celebration of the vibrant Sambuokan Festival 2013, the city’s thanksgiving festivity for bountiful harvest and community progress. I was among the lucky travel bloggers invited by no less than City Mayor Carlo Rabat to witness the colorful event. Dahican Beach, being the city’s prime tourist destination greatly lured thousands of crowds to take part of the celebration.

Sambuokan Sa Dahican 2013This year’s celebration of Sambuokan Festival was bigger and grandeur. Aside from showcasing the colorful and resilient tribes of the City of Mati, the pristine white sand beach of the Dahican was also among the highlights. Thus, various amusing events were held at this 7-kilometer Edenic paradise of powdery white sand, playful waves and untainted shores.

_DSC0347_DSC0303 _DSC0339 _DSC0351Kalipay sa Dahican, a beach sportsfest was the main event at Dahican as part of Sambuokan Festival. Open competition for Frisbee, beach volleyball, surfing and Skimboarding drew hundreds of participants from different parts of Mindanao. And since Dahican is known as the Skimboarding Capital of the Mindanao, this water sport was the most anticipated part of the sporstfest.

_DSC0262 _DSC0265Dahican’s reputation for skimboarding is attributed to the team that started it all on the shores of Dahican – the Amihan Boys.  For more than a decade now, Dahican Beach has been their home that has shaped and honed them to become world class skimboarders. Just this month, Sony Boy Aporbo dearly called Bayugyog brought home the title as Champion of the International Skimboarding Competition held in Penang, Malaysia. This is his second following his win at the same competition last year. Bayugyog, along with his mentor George Jun Plaza and the rest of the Amihan Boys are Dahican’s most prized jewels.

_DSC0361 _DSC0366 _DSC0368 _DSC0370 _DSC0374 _DSC0375 _DSC0378 _DSC0380 _DSC0382 _DSC0383 _DSC0395 _DSC0396 _DSC0400 _DSC0404 _DSC0432Our visit to Dahican Beach is not complete without witnessing Bayugyog’s award winning moves. Along with the other Amihan Boys, they gave us what wanted – a skimboarding exhibition. For our local celebrity Bayugyog, he carried the Philippine Flag as he glided across Dahican waters and did his award winning wave rides. Seeing him with those awesome moves was a privilege. What a world class talent!

BAYYUGYOG, the Pride of Mati
Champion, International Skimboarding Competition
Penang. Malaysia

_DSC0291 _DSC0295 _DSC0296 _DSC0302 _DSC0433_DSC0426_DSC0301But it was not just skimboarding that rocked Dahican Beach last weekend. At night, Dahican strip became a beach party place filled with beach beats, beach vibes and wild party people. Sunbaked bodies danced to electronic dance music’s summer hits, on the tables, in the sand, a drink in their hand and the other waving on the air. This is beach clubbing, I exclaimed!

_DSC0218 _DSC0220 _DSC0223 _DSC0228 _DSC0257Dahican Beach is definitely Mati’s most prized jewel.  More than a skimboarding and surfing destination, Dahican Beach is one astounding tropical paradise every beach lovers should never miss to visit when in Mati. Its quaint and laid back feel is like no other. For sun worshipers, wake up at early dawn, run to the shores and wait for a glorious sunrise to peep from the waters of the great Pacific Ocean. Surely, it will leave you breathless.

The Travel Teller ♥ Dahican Beach

I’m so glad to be part of this year’s Sambuokan Festival and gladder to have spent a part of it at Dahican Beach. Thank you Mayor Carlo Rabat for this opportunity.