I am blessed to have been born and raised in a province where pristine beaches, untouched coves and unspoiled islands are within reach. I owe that to the three major bodies of water surrounding our Province – the Pacific Ocean in the East and the Davao Gulf and Celebes Sea in the South. With its 448-kilometer coastline, my home Province of Davao Oriental is regarded to have the longest coastline in the whole Region XI.

Among the 11 municipalities of Davao Oriental sharing these untouched coasts, the Municipality of Bagangasecretly possesses long beaches and lengthy coastline teeming mostly with captivating white sand shores. Secluded from crowded commercial tourism, these coastlines remain exquisitely unspoiled keeping its old world magic that exudes quaint setting of untouched nature – the kind of beach so perfect for me. Thus, whether you’re on the other part of the globe and you’re planning to visit the Philippines, come to this part of the country and relish for yourself this paradise I considered the Coastal Wonders of Baganga, Davao Oriental.

the Sun, the Sand, the Sea

Secret no more, let me bring you to some of the most pristine beaches, undiscovered coves, unspoiled estuaries, well-preserved islands and breathtaking coastlines tagged as Baganga‘s Ecstasy By Sea by the Provincial Tourism Office of Davao Oriental. GRAB YOUR BEACH TOWELS NOW! The sand is warm, but the ocean is cool. I’m saving a special spot on these beaches just for you.

Barangay Ban-ao is the furthest Barangay of Baganga bordering the coastal town of Cateel. Facing the Pacific waters, Ban-ao is endowed with some pristine beaches with sands that vary from white, cream and orangey. Most of these beaches are along the national highway, thus, it can be easily reached and accessed. During low tide, locals would flock the rocky sea bed of Ban-ao Beaches to catch seashells and other marine resources that abound the place. With the presence of vast mangrove forest that thrives along the waters of Ban-ao, a part of this Barangay is considered Marine Protected Area.

The Untouched Beaches of Ban-ao
Pristine Beaches of Ban-ao
The Beaches of Ban-ao

Passing the paved coastal road of Barangay Ban-ao, there you can find one tiny islet locally called Treasure Island. It is dotted with a small portion of white sands and a number of rock formations. Some vegetation covers the islet while shallow water surrounding it is a perfect spot for swimming. From the mainland, going to the islet is very accessible. You can paddle a boat on high tide or just walk across to the island during low tide. Legend has it that the islet possesses one of the buried treasures by the Japanese soldiers, thus, called the Treasure Island.

The Treasure Island of Ban-ao
The Tiny Little Beauty of the Treasure Island of Ban-ao
The Travel Teller and the Treasure Island

Bestowed by Mother Nature with pristine pearly white sands and crystal clear seawater that exudes an ambiance of a real tropical living, San Victor Island located in Barangay San Victor is considered as the Island Jewel of Baganga. This 3-hectare Island is rich in marine life and resources. Seaweeds and clams abound the sea bed. Underwater, its unscathed corals are playground of the multi-colored fishes. While the sea surrounding the island teems with rich marine life, the island on the other hand is covered with tall old coconut groves, some talisay trees and other tropical plants enhancing a real tropical feel. Sightings of dugongs and dolphins have been recorded visiting the waters of the Island.

San Victor Island
The Sands of San Victor Island
SAN VICTOR ISLAND: Baganga’s Island Jewel

A secret cove situated in the far flung coasts of Barangay Baculin, Daang Lungsod Beach is yet another beach worth going when visiting Baganga. It has a long stretch of powdery white sand shoreline and cool emerald sea waters. Unlike the beaches of Ban-ao and San Victor which can be accessed from the main highway, Daang Lungsod Beach is hidden in the vast coconut farm of Baculin, around 10 minutes habal-habal ride from the highway. Although private, beach goers and nature lovers are welcome to come and experience the old-fashioned beach life of this Baculin beach.

Daang Lungsod Cove
The Enticing Seascape of Daang Lungsod Beach of Baculin
Serenity Abound at Daang Lungsod Beach

Languyon is a vast estuary shared by three Barangays of Baganga namely Baculin, Bobonao and Salingcomot. It is a water passage where sea tides of the Pacific meets a river current, thus, the brackish waters of Languyon are mixed of freshwater from rivers and streams and the seawater. While Salingcomot houses the vast mangrove forest, both Baculin and Bobonao share the vast shoreline of Languyon which is endowed with powdery white sands, amazing rock formations and coconut trees lining up the upper shores. For the locals, Languyon Beach is the most precious secret beach paradise of Baganga. The best way to get to Languyon Beach is passing through the same way with Daan Lungsod Beach in Barangay Baculin.

Languyon River
Languyon Beach
The Travel Teller and the Secret Beach of Languyon

In addition to the many coastal wonders of Baganga is the Bait Beach situated in the coast of Bobon in Barangay Salingcomot, about 10 minutes habal-habal ride from the highway. Like its neighboring beaches, Bait Beach boasts of its lengthy undisturbed white sand beach bathe in the tranquil view of the blue waters of the Pacific. This is among the many beaches of Baganga that until now retain its natural beauty and infectious serenity.

Bait Beach of Salingcomot
Locals at the Rocky Sea Bed of Bait Beach of Salingcomot
Who wouldn’t love these sands of Bait Beach?

Among the many beaches one can find in Baganga, the White Sand Beach, as they call it, is one of most preferred beaches frequented by Bagangeños. It is located on the shores of Barangay Lambajon, too accessible from the town center of Baganga. True to its name, the White Sand Beach boasts of its refined white sands abounding the lengthy coast of this part of the town.

The White Sand Beach of Lambajon
The White Sand Beach of Lambajon

After luxuriating oneself from the old-fashioned charm of the Beaches and Coasts of Baganga, the best way to cool down is to dip into the cold brackish waters of the Carolina Lake situated in Panghugan, Barangay Salingcomot. The Carolina Lake is not actually a lake. It is more of a tidal creek where a portion of a stream is affected by ebb and flow of ocean tides, thus explain the salinity of the water. Marine fishes abound the waters. According to the locals, some giant eels can be found here. But more than its cold waters, Carolina Lake is a natural beauty in itself. It is surrounded by lushes of vegetation and century old-trees creating an appealing setting of unhurt nature. Slowly, Carolina Lake has gained a good reputation as one of the must visit destination in Baganga.

The Placid Carolina Lake
The Carolina Lake
Carolina Lake, I Adore Thee!

There you have it – the Coastal Wonders of Baganga, Davao Oriental. These are just among the many unexplored beaches and pristine coastal havens of the town. There are more to see there, more to relish.

From Davao City, one may take either public utility buses or L300 vans to reach the Municipality of Baganga. Public utility buses coming from Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) in Ecoland travel to the town daily. Once you arrive at Baganga’s Poblacion, you may hire a motorcycle or habal-habal to bring to these beautiful beaches of the town.

FOR ASSISTANCE, you may call:
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