BUDGET TRAVELS: The Travel Teller’s Way

Most of my friends and those who followed me on this blog would often ask how rich I am to afford an unceasing and unstoppable travels. They would always think I have enough resources to finance this weekend travels I habitually do. The truth is I am not rich and travelling is not exclusive for the rich. Savings is the key to this freedom. In my case, I have several bank accounts but I opened a separate account dedicated exclusively for my travels. Every payday, I would devote a small portion of my salary to fund that account. Whenever I get extra earnings from my photography, consultancy and other blogging stuffs, most of it would go to my savings for my future exciting travels. As travelling becomes my lifestyle, savings enough money to fund these travels also become my routine. As often said, savings and financial management always go together.

BUDGET TRAVELING (6)This I said before, “If travelling is a vice, then call me an addict”. Why? Back in the old days, I used to believe that travelling is only for the rich and famous. It is for those who can only afford and those who travel for work. But when I started to embrace backpacking and learned the art of budget travelling, I came to realize that travelling is not exclusive for the rich and the privileged but for everyone. Travelling can be anyone else’s lifestyle as long as one knows how to do the very economical way. When I perfected that art of budget travelling, I become so addicted to it.

...airfares are always on sale nowadays.
…airfares are always on sale nowadays.

You see, there are many places to visit. There are number of spectacular destinations out there waiting for you to discover. All you need is to research and plan purposefully for your next trips. If you’re next destination requires an air travel, airfares are always on sale nowadays. Book in advance. You can save up a lot by doing so. Make a do-it-yourself itinerary rather than joining organized group tours. Aside from being cheaper, DIY itineraries can extend up to places only locales know. Read travel blogs that talk about that certain destination. Some travel bloggers are the best references for budget travelling. Research. Research. Research.

Travel solo. It will bring out the best in you!
Travel solo. It will bring out the best in you!

One of the most effective ways to save up from travelling is to travel with a group of friends. One rewarding thing about travelling in group is that you get to share all accumulated expenses during your travel – like rooms, transportation, food, etc. The bigger the number of travel buddies you have in group, the lesser expenses you get. I have constant travel buddies I travel with regularly. And most of us liked the idea of travelling together – more fun, lesser expenses.

My favorite travel pose.
My favorite travel pose.

Now if you’re up for travelling solo, that’s never a problem.  Always take public utility vehicles – buses, jeepneys, tricycles, habal-habal. It is cheaper to ride PUVs. Never go for vehicles-for-hire. But when the need arises, learn how to haggle. Mingle with the locals. Locales know a lot about their own place and they can give you tips how to get there conveniently. My favourite mode of transportation in my solo travels is habal-habal. After a bloody bargaining, I could explore the whole place  riding  motorcycles in full glory. Solo travelling perfected my bargaining skills. Now what about food? If you’re not picky, check local Carenderias. Don’t you know that Carenderias are actually where most authentic local food are served? Trust me, I do that a lot of times during long travels.

Go out. Travel. Have fun!

There are actually more to learn. Travelling, whether in group or solo, will bring out the best in you. Don’t be afraid to travel. Like I said, it is for each and every one – privileged or not. Learn to save money. If you need to give up something to save up for your next trip, then do it. Everything is worth it when you get to see the destination of your dream.