On the occasion of the 48th Founding Anniversary of Davao Oriental, the Honorable Governor Corazon Nunez-Malanyaon spearheaded the awarding of citation to a number of individuals and groups in different fields who have shown commitment and support to the progress and development of the Province. Among the awardees is yours truly and this blog, The Travel Teller.

Blog Awards and Recognition (3)
The Travel Teller received citation from the Honorable Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Nunez-Malanyaon.

The citation reads as follows:

“Citation to Olan F. Emboscado in grateful recognition and deep appreciation for his wholehearted commitment and invaluable countless support in the tourism promotions of the Province of Davao Oriental by constantly promoting the many tourism destinations of the province in his award winning blog “The Travel Teller” leading to the high impact of tourist arrivals in the province and for bringing honor to the province by winning international and national travel blog awards.”

11402971_961952927159459_6423765111498079901_nWhen I started blogging years back, my only purpose was to create an online diary where I can chronicle every adventure and misadventure I have as I wander around the country and our neighbors in Asia. As it progresses, it earned a good number of following, gained hits and shares, got featured on different media and received a number of awards and citations. And from a simple travel blog, it morphed to something that advocates tourism promotion, environment and change. And being a true son of Davao Oriental, it is pride to patronize, showcase and promote my very own home province of Davao Oriental including the many spectacular attractions hidden in the 11 towns of our Province.

Blog Awards and Recognition (1)
Awards and Citations received by The Travel Teller since 2011.

Thus, a lot of highlighted posts on this blog featured the different destinations in our Province enticing readers to come and discover these unknown yet stunning sights to behold. In the process I found out that this blog, The Travel Teller, becomes the bible of those who are lured to come and marvel at what used to be the secreted beauty of Davao Oriental. From a simple personal blog now it becomes the virtual guide to “Experience Davao Oriental”.

ALIWAGWAG FALLS, the emerging premier tourist destination in Mindanao located in Cateel, Davao Oriental. My article about ALIWAGWAG FALLS is the most visited blogpost on The Travel Teller.

Knowing that my works matter is enough reason for me to be cheerful. Knowing that this becomes influential is enough for me to be satisfied. As I always say, receiving recognition is always a bonus. For the past 4 years, I have been consistently reaping awards and recognitions but earning such credit and respect coming from my own home Province and our highest leader, the Honorable Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon is certainly an honor. I am so overwhelmed with so much joy knowing that my little ways of helping tourism promotion in our Province is highly appreciated.

Blog Awards and Recognition (5) Blog Awards and Recognition (7) Blog Awards and Recognition (11)To the Honorable Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon and her dynamic team who work hard for the progress of the Province, thank you so much for this recognition. I am deeply honored to receive this special citation from you. I am more inspired, more motivated to continue my advocacy, promote not only the natural and man-made beauty of the Province but also the goodness of our people.

From the bottom of my heart, SALAMATAY GAYUD!