How To Promote Your Travel Blog

Whether you began writing for pleasure or created a blog with a moneymaking agenda in mind, maintaining a travel blog can be a rewarding experience – what’s not to love about traveling to distant destinations and telling the world about your adventures, after all? However, if you’re serious about making money and earning a living from your writing, there are a few things you need to know first, namely regarding the promotion of your blogging brand. You see, there are hundreds of new travel blogs created each day, and only a handful of those will ever make enough money for blogging to be considered the writer’s main source of income. The content you create, the ways in which you promote your blog, and your ability to engage with your readers will be what set you apart at this stage.

Promoting your travel blog: top tips

There are two types of travel blogger, and your first job is to decide which category you fall into. Are you a journal blogger or an informational blogger? While the former will update their blog with details of the places they have been to, the adventures they have experienced and the sights they have seen, the latter is more likely to offer hints and tips for those wanting to embark upon the same journey. Will your blog be a diary of the places you’ve visited, or a ‘how to’ guide for those who may wish to follow in your footsteps? Although you may have started your blog as a means to document your travels, or a way to keep family and friends updated as you went, it’s important to consider your readership if you ever hope to turn your blog into something more. These people will give your blog its hits, help to create your online presence and ‘brand’, and spread the message of the content you’re creating.

So, how can you entice those readers, and ensure they keep checking in on your travels?


Firstly, think about content. What will you be promoting? The content you create and the way in which you write will be a big selling point for your blog, so consider the things that you could do differently to other bloggers. Is creative writing your forte? Do you enjoy writing factual guides that would enhance a tourist’s experiences in a particular area? When it comes to travel blogging, never try to be something you’re not; this is a personal journey for you and each reader, so be true to your travels.

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Social media

The world seems to revolve around social media these days, and it’s essential that you’re engaging with your readership across a multitude of platforms. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter will allow you to build a rapport with readers, allow snapshots into your blog that will draw a greater number of followers in, and ultimately, encourage sponsors and travel companies to engage with you on every level. Similarly, YouTube is fantastic for vlogging and for sharing video content that may otherwise get lost in a sea of memes on Facebook. Now is the time to create and maintain a social media presence, and to ensure that people like what you’re writing.


Print media

Print media? Isn’t travel blogging all about your online presence? Yes and no – engaging with your readership online and providing ways for them to locate and view your blog is essential, but promotion is vital regardless of how you’re getting it done. Isn’t it more important that people know about your blog in the first place? Working with physical publications is a great way to get your blog noticed. If you find a magazine or newspaper that holds a similar readership, or would be interested in your content, be sure to let them know all about your blog. Similarly, you may wish to work alongside a printing business in order to let people know that your travel blog is the best in Philippines. Consider business cards that can be handed to reputable travel companies, brochures and flyers that could be distributed at conferences and blogging events, and printed snippets of your online work that could be used in your advertising.


And so to networking: while you may have assumed that simply updating a blog and a few social media channels every now and again would be enough to hold a crowd’s attention, think again. Blogging has moved into a realm of its own, and it’s now possible to attend a whole variety of conferences and events at which you can promote your blogging brand. Make sure you’re on the mailing list for as many of these meets as possible, and always keep an eye on similar travel blogs for news of upcoming events. Creating a physical presence in the blogging world is as important as maintaining your online image.

Travel Teller 80Regardless of whether you started your blog for fun or financial gain, there is a lot to be said for promotion. Being able to engage with your readers is only half the battle when it comes to maintaining a successful blog. Don’t be afraid to get out there and speak on your blog’s behalf. This is what you’re passionate about, after all, so tell people why they should keep reading.