“What? Cream Sand Long Beach? That is new!” That was my initial reaction to the Facebook shoutout of my friend from my hometown Cateel announcing the launching of “San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach” last year. It was a sort of surprise to me. I grow up there but I never heard such place. At an instant, the “son of a beach” in me wanted to go home basking into the beauty of this newest beach attraction in birthplace Cateel. But being tied up at work, I had to pass the opportunity witnessing the launching of this new pride and had to wait for my next visit to Cateel.Since that day, I had wanted to go home to experience beach combing at the Longbeach. But whenever I planned of visiting my hometown, it got always canceled. I had to wait for another ideal chance to come back. Until I forget such plan.When my dearly loved Mom passed away a month ago, we granted his last wish to bring her remains back to Cateel and lay it to rest next to our father. After the internment, I stayed for couple of days there and took the chance of revisiting some of the awesome wonders of my hometown. And luckily, it was also the best chance to finally see the “San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach” that I had long planned to experience. Accompanied by my friends Victor Lim and Phillip Pescones, my quest went on.San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach lies in the coastlines of Barangay San Antonio and Barangay Baybay. From our humble abode in Poblacion, Barangay San Antonio is about 20 minutes drive passing through the national highway flanking some scenic landscape and vast rice fields of Cateel. From Barangay San Antonio, another 10 minutes ride must be made to reach Barangay Baybay.Barangay Baybay was our point of entry. Entering the beach, it was the humid sea breeze that right away greeted us. Fresh and unsullied. Setting my eyes on the shores, I was instantly captivated by the unspoiled beauty of the beach. Everything that surrounds it is untouched. No human development, no pollution. Coconut trees were all over. Drift woods scattered on the shores. The sand is refined though I would say it is more grayish than being cream.From where I stood I can see the enormity of the coastline stretching from one end to another. Coastline starting from Barangay San Antonio down to Barangay Baybay is said to be of 9 kilometers stretched. It is so long that waves from afar appear in misty form. The shoreline is astoundingly extensive averaging 100 meters wide. A very scenic beach view, I would say. My friends and I were amazed by its purist beauty.

Fronting the great Pacific Ocean, San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach is potentially ideal for Skim Boarding and Surfing. Being at the open seas, it Bay boasts its huge Pacific waves so perfect for all surfing and skimboarding dudes. Seeing those waves from a distance, it became so enticing we can never resist. We ran to the beach and enjoyed the waters. We were like kids enjoying the awesome waves. Really cool.


We left San Antonio-Baybay Cream Sand Long Beach filled with nature’s untainted pleasure. It is a kind of beach indulgence so laidback and unperturbed away from the bustling noise of the urban pleasures. Its tropical ambiance and untouched nature made our beach lounging more remarkable and truly unique from other beach combing we had before.Having experienced its unusual charm, I will certainly come back to San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach and enjoy once more its pleasure that beyond doubt so admirable.

This is the first part of “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL: THE TRAVEL SERIES”.

  1. San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach.


  1. Did not have the pleasure to see this specific place before. We took it for granted being residents that we did not explore these beautiful places. Olan, next time let’s!

    1. I was amazed to see this Tita Esther. 🙂 like I said, I grew up there but never had the chance to visit this place before. It was my first time and it was really awesome!

  2. This is such a peaceful view! I’m looking forward to visiting this place one day. Do you have new photos of this coast? I mean with a closer view of the waves. I just like to know how high they are there. And, is the wind here too strong? 🙂

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