SAMALAN CAMP AND SEA: Samal Island’s Southernmost Jewel

If you think you’ve been around the whole Samal Island and have seen all that comprise to make it the Island Jewel of Davao Region, wait until your feet bring you to the southernmost portion of this island city and see the pristine side of the Davao Gulf. I tell you, it will leave you dumbfounded.

Samalan Camp COVERThink of a dreamy beach where the waves never get tired kissing the shores. Imagine a long stretch of white sand luring you to find ways to bask around for hours even under the scorching sun. Think of that crystal clear blue water enticing you to take a dip or to even go underwater discovering an amazing world as interesting as everything above the ground. This is the kind of tropical charm that SAMALAN CAMP & SEA promises to take you.

Samalan Camp 42 Samalan Camp and Sea 76Nestled in the southernmost part of the Island Garden City of Samal, Samalan Camp and Sea boasts not only of its pristine white sand beach and its crystal clear blue waters, it also takes pride with its lush verdant forest teeming with some remaining wildlife in the island. Yes, a green forest so close to the beach. Thus, giving its guests an ample variety of activities to do while taking their vacation or short escape there.

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As holiday destination, Samalan Camp & Sea offers a wide array of accommodation to choose from ideal for all types of holiday seekers looking for a worthy place to stay. Whether you are a traveler who wants to bring comforts of the urban life to the island; or a posh traveler dreaming to experience glamping or glamorous camping with a dedicated butler on the side; or a gypsy-like adventurer who finds comfort pitching a tent under the talisay trees, this quaint camping charmer is just so ideal for you.

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They have cottages equipped with modern amenities, nipa houses that can accommodated a family of eight, deluxe gazebos for “luxurious” glamorous camping, pretty-looking nipa and coco tents that come with sleeping mats, pillows and blankets, nipa huts by the sea perfect for vacationing couple and spacious camping grounds for campers who would like to bring and use their own camping gears. They have it all – designed for you!

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Samalan Camp & Sea’s 2-hectare forest is home to Philippine macaque monkeys. Here, they are protected and guests are discouraged to feed them. Green towering trees abound the forest and they are home to a flock of crows. You will see them flying from branches to branches. Sightings of the very rare Philippine megapode also known as the Tabon scrubfowl have also been recorded. In fact, these birds lay eggs in Samalan’s ground.

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Samalan Camp & Sea is also a nesting ground of sea turtles like the hawksbill and the loggerhead. They have recorded sea turtles laying eggs on the property’s shore for more than ten times already this year. The management along with the community of San Remigio have been in the frontline in the conservation of these sea turtles. Something that I found so commendable.

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A perfect escape from the earsplitting noise of the concrete jungle, Samalan Camp & Sea is an ideal place to break the monotony of fast-paced urban living. Here, you can just sit or lay on the sand all day and just feel the nature’s sweet embrace. You can walk on the shores unshod letting the waves kiss your feet. It’s refreshing – rejuvenating. And when you retire to your bed or to your camp, you’ll sleep the night away swayed by the roaring sound of the waves – roaring it may seemed but I tell you they’re sweet lullabies putting you gently to sleep.

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And next day when you wake up, a magnificently brilliant sunrise awaits for you – go out, worship it. It will definitely stun you and make you embrace the life of the Samalan – simple, natural and worry-free. 


SAMALAN CAMP & SEA is situated in San Remigio, Kaputian District in the Island Garden City of Samal. From Davao City, take the barge from Sta. Ana Wharf to Kaputian Wharf. From there, you may hire the services of a habal-habal to take you all the way to Barangay San Remigio, Kaputian District. When you get to Barangay San Remigio, just follow the Samalan diretional road sign. The trip from Sta. Anan Wharf to Kaputian Wharf should take around 90 minute; the motorcycle ride to Samala should take another 20 minutes. Barge fee for passengers is Php 50.00; habal-habal is Php 60.00 – 80.00.

San Remigio, Kaputian District
Island Garden City of Samal
Telephone Number : +63 82 233 2557
Mobile Number: +63 925 311 1011
Email Address: [email protected]
Facebook Page:

COME AND SEE SAMALAN!!! Samal Island’s Southernmost Jewel!

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