The highlands of Kapatagan located in Digos City in the province of Davao del Sur is among the most visited destinations in the Davao Region. This rustic part of Digos is popular among mountain climbers as one of the major jump off points to the majestic Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest point. A great parcel of land in Kapatagan is part of the protected Mt. Apo Natural Park, thus, luxuriant vegetation covers the highlands.Hidden deep inside this thick verdant forest, there find an eye-catching waterfalls they called the Virgin Falls, a one tier waterfalls possessing a very distinguishing shape so unique among other waterfalls I visited. The Virgin Falls is among the must see natural wonders while in the Highlands of Kapatagan.Going there is not easy. From proper Kapatagan, we took a 20-minute exciting habal-habal ride going to the jump-off point. From the jump off point going to the foot of the Virgin Falls, another 45-minute trek was needed. But the trek going down to the waterfalls was not easy.We passed by wooded areas with thick vegetation of different blossoming bushes and flowering trees. Huge ferns were abundant. Cogon grasses taller than I am were all over. Going further, the steep trails were becoming too agonizing. Sharp rocks were awful and some dangerous cliffs were heart stopping. I had to pause at once to gain back my stamina. I was a hardcore walk but our keenness to see the beauty of the Virgin Falls was enough to keep us going.Arriving at the basin from that strenuous trek, it was the icy mists of the Virgin Falls that immediately welcomed us. Like a magic potion, the cold mists kissed our cheeks and it instantly restored our tired muscles and drained spirits. Soon after, the coldness and calmness of the whole environs covered our beings. The exhaustion was gone and was turned to an avidity of romancing the exquisiteness of the falls.The Virgin Falls is likely 20 meters in height. It is bordered by huge rock walls on each side and surrounded by diverse vegetation. The natural pool possesses icy cold waters one could never dare to dip for an hour. Huge rocks on the sides blended with the natural beauty of the falls. It was a pleasant landscape to capture. The colors of the earth were abundant and the weather that day was perfect. Seeing my friends enjoying the waters of the Virgin Falls, I braved the challenge of dipping myself into those icy cold waters. I made it but it was freezing cold I could not stand for 10 minutes.While my friends enjoyed swimming, I gave myself a sentimental moment sitting at one corner just staring at the copious cascades of the Virgin Falls. The waters dropping 20-meter high from the basin created a soothing sound that made my schmaltzy seconds more dramatic. I closed my eyes to feel the nature’s embrace and I felt it. The chirping of the birds, swaying sounds of the trees and the cascading waters were music to my ears. I felt I was alone there floating on the air. When I opened my eyes, I smiled and thought, the Virgin Falls is one of the ideal places to commune with Mother Nature. A kind of experience worthy to share.Going back passing the same trail, everyone felt pleased at what we experienced. Though grueling, it was paid off when we finally saw the unique beauty of the Virgin Falls. It was worth it. It was worth relishing.HOW TO GET THERE:

The highlands of Katapagan can be reached in two hours from Davao City Overland Transport Terminal located in Ecoland. Once you get to Kapatagan Proper, you can immediately ask the habal habal drivers to bring you to the Virgin Falls. You may also ask the driver to guide you directly to the Falls.


  1. garbo nako nga ako taga davao city,pero mas gkagarbo nako nga ang virgin falls naa sa amuang region..i was there two times already..the last one was just recently(jan.22,2012)..hehe..
    it was a one of a kind experience,try to xlore and myt get there..believe me,u will no longer or even say the word “regrets” is a moment that u must cherish and tressure..see u there!!

    1. Hi carlo. 🙂 thank for dropping by. 🙂 The trail going to Virgin Falls was something I didn’t expect to be very difficult. yes, it was very difficult but the moment I reached the waterfalls, all the pains/tiredness vanished away! It was momentous. 🙂 Yeah, soon, I am coming back there. 🙂

      1. Hi Olan,

        We plan to visit Virgin Falls on Feb 24, 2013. What time do you recommend us to leave Davao City to Virgin Falls ‘coz we also plan to drop by Camp Sabros after Virgin Falls? And how far is Virgin Falls to Camp Sabros and how do we get there ?

        Thanks for your help. 🙂

  2. hahaha..nkaanha nko dha..ghapon lang..arang kapuyan oi..pero biskan kapoy..nindot man ghapon labaw na f naa najud ka didto…kung kapoy paingon labaw na f pauli na..nindot jud au sa virgin falls..

  3. Good day sir.., ask lang po..,just in case mag dala kami single motor.., meron po ba safe na lugar jan kung saan pwede namin iwan yung motor namin..?
    Hilig po kasi mag road trip saka treking..,kaya pag umaalis ako nagmomotor nalang..

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