If I never joined Mindanao Tourism Council’s trip to the Sarangani Bay Fest 2011, I would have no inkling of how exciting the Province of Sarangani can be. If I never said yes to the invitation of our tour lead Jon Perez, I would never have a clue that there is one town in the province so rustic at one glance yet endowed with loads of natural wonders when completely explored.Who would have thought that this photograph of a beautiful seascape depicting the indigo waters of the vast Mindanao Sea with such amiable azure skies on the backdrop belongs to KIAMBA? Yes, I am talking about the town of Kiamba in the Province of Sarangani.Kiamba is one of the seven municipalities in Sarangani Province.  It is also one of the six municipalities that share the 230-kilometer coastline of Sarangani Bay and belongs to the west coast part of the Province. From General Santos City, the gateway to the Province, Kiamba is 98 kilometers away and is reachable in an hour or so.This was my first trip to Kiamba. Excited, I readied my camera, pointed it at nowhere hoping to get a good snapshots while on mobile. And it didn’t fail me. Passing by the scenic coastal road of Sarangani West Coast, I became attentive to every single scenery we passed by. I just can’t help it. Every view was worth seeing. The picturesque view of the mountain ranges and the pleasing seascape of the entire bay swayed me and put me at awe. It was so admiring. A memorable road trip that gave me photographs till now I deeply adore.Arriving at the Tourist Center in Kiamba, it was the quaint indigo waters of Sarangani Bay that immediately caught my interest. Amazed at what I saw, I sat at a corner, felt the warm sea breeze and savored the enticing beauty of the blue bay in front of me. It is like an old familiar place you would want to instantly reconnect at once. I felt like home just seeing the Kiamba seas. So serene. So relaxing. An old-fashioned beach combing, as I called it. Here I learned that Kimba Bay is part of the Mindanao Sea that faces the Cebeles Sea.Our supposed destination in Kiamba was the visit to the Tuka Marine Sanctuary but was cancelled for another destination. It was not dismaying though because staying at the Tourist Center with such a terrific bay view was already huge delight. Really worth it. Here, we feasted over a delectable lunch prepared by the Local Government of Kiamba. Asked about Tuka Point, they said it is a protected marine sanctuary of various endangered corals and different species of fishes perfect for snorkeling and diving. Hearing, I wished we went there. But nonetheless, it gave me a good reason to come back there.Talking to the Tourism Officer of Kiamba, I also found out that Kiamba has 9 waterfalls located in the different parts of the town. These are waterfalls not much frequented by the many and are just waiting to be seen and discovered. Hearing it, the “waterfalls chaser” in me ignited right away. Another good reason to come back. Good thing, Tourism Officers of Kiamba promised to bring me to these waterfalls should I choose to come back there soon. Probably the soonest.After luxuriating ourselves with the great seascape view of Kiamba Seas, we moved on to our next destination. Before we left, I promised to come back to experience more of the lures of Kiamba’s Wonders. Though this trip to Kiamba was certainly quick but all these photos proved that Kiamba is worth a great travel story to share.My appreciation to Mindanao Tourism Council, the Provincial Government of Sarangani represented by Board Member Eleanor Constantino-Saguiguit, the Local Government of Kiamba and the 73rd Infantry Batallion headed by Colonel Rodolfo Espuelas, Jr.


    1. Definitely! I wish I could paint them Claire. 🙂 they were just so striking. 🙂 hahaha! we’re the children of the beach and no one can stop us finding the best one. 🙂 thanks for always visiting my site. 🙂

    1. That is exactly how i felt when my eyes set on the beautiful seascape of Sarangani Bay. 🙂 The blue waters of the Bay were indeed inviting! thanks for visiting. 🙂

  1. bongga lang! lthe photos were great as usual.
    But there’s something about the sea there that makes me wanna spend my last days of summer at Kiamba. 🙂

    1. I’m planning to go back there Mark to see the Tuka Marine Sanctuary and discover the 9 waterfalls of Kiamba… Will tell you guys para makasama kayo. 🙂

  2. Hello, Olan.

    Very great blog on our trip to Sarangani. Kudos.

    We sincerely appreciate your effort in promoting the various destinations in Mindanao. Keep it up. And keep them coming. Gov. Migs Dominguez of sarangani is very happy with your blogs re: Sarangani Bay Fest and the rest of Sarangani…our adventure!!!

    1. Wow! I’m deeply honored but humbled with your words… Thank you for the appreciation. Like you, I’m so passionate fo showcasing the beauty of our beloved Mindanao to the world through my photos and blogs. And i hope to continue joining you guys on your future tourism endeavors. 🙂 Again, thank you very much.

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