Few years back, I discovered the cheapest way to experience beach bumming that is incredibly so affordable without sacrificing beach quality, comfort and fun. I got three reasons why I love coming back there. One, it is 45 minutes away from my Davao City. Two, the place is damn relaxing. And three, there’s a lot of fun I can do there. I’m talking about the “secret no more” beach haven called Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort.

The “secret no more” beach haven called Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort.

Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort lies on the waters of Sitio Bato in Santa Cruz, Davao Del Sur. This is 15 minutes away from the nearby City of Digos. The municipality of Santa Cruz, on the other hand, is the nearest town of Davao Del Sur from Davao City.

“The Foot Bridge”

I used to call this place before as a secret beach hidden away from the clamoring sound of the Big City. In fact, on my first visit here, I described it as a secret beach haven kept by a few from the crowd craving for beach escape. Today, two years after that visit, the name Passig is widely known in the region.

Few years back, Passig Islet used to be a very tiny white islet open to the public. It was the locals’ favorite beach hang-out. Soon, the Provincial Government of Davao del Sur saw its eco-tourism potential and later they allocated funds to develop the Islet into a stunning and relaxing resort with an astonishing ambience of tropical leisure. Managed by the Provincial Tourism Office, today, it is one of the province’s pride and honor.

In getting to the islet, a concrete foot bridge is constructed in the middle of the bushy mangroves leading to the mouth of the coast where pump boats are readily available to take its guests to the resort. Walking on the footbridge surrounded by century old mangroves is in itself a great experience. On the other hand, the 5 minute boat ride to the islet gives a 360 degrees panoramic view of the sea, the islet and the mountains behind.

On my recent visit, I was impressed to notice that the tidy ambience and the tranquility of the Islet are still maintained. It is still so relaxing and comfortable. I used to call it a beach sanctuary and now it is still the same.

Going around the islet, everything is still in place. From small cottages to its main function hall, everything seemed to be just right. The whole surrounding is still so clean and well maintained. Tropical trees and palm trees are now fully grown and surroundings are still neatly manicured. Bathrooms and restrooms are clean and fresh waters are provided.

The Islet’s abundant white sand is not as refined as those of Boracay’s but its color gives the Islet a real tropical beach touch. The ocean surrounds it is clean and green. There were small fishes nearby.

With an entrance fee of Php 15.00 per person, roundtrip boat fare of Php 20.00 and cottages ranging from Php 100.00 to Php 500.00, Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort is surprisingly cheap yet undeniably worth to visit.

Visiting back Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort is like coming back to an old playground. I just love to be there. For me, it is one of the great beach escapes in Davao Region to come and just laze around after a hard days’ work. In fact, writing this makes me want to come back there – NOW!


  1. WoW! I never thought we have something like this in Davao. I was raised in Davao but have never been to this place before. How do we get to the place? Do we have to go to Santa Cruz’s Port or in Digos?

    1. Hi there. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂 It very easy to get there. You take a bus from DAVAO CITY then ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at SITIO BATO in Santa Cruz, Davao Del Sur where the the foot bridge of PASSIG ISLET is located. 🙂

  2. Hello. Great article. Ive always been curiuos about this place. Everytime I go home to Davao from Gensan, I always pass the signage along the highway pointing to this resort. I have a question though, can you post any information regarding reservations or a contack number of this place? I would want to call 1st before going there. Thanks Lan.

    1. I wish i have phone number but sadly i don’t have. But the last time I talk with the caretakers, they said there is no need for reservations. 🙂 one can easily come to the Islet. 🙂 and the last time i know, overnight stay is not allowed there. 🙂

      1. may mobile phone number po ba to do the inquiry?
        My friends and I will be visiting this Little haven this coming 17th… we want to know if they can accommodate overnight stay this time and how much will it cost. This will be our first time to visit this place.

  3. Lan. this is part of My Cotabato Travel Chronicles. part of my route in going back home to Bukidnon. May this will be my 5th STOP. :-). Nice one. Maganda nga duon. The mangroves, the bancas, the islet, the pavilion. under way pa ang development. :-). I can relate to this one.

    1. I read your Cotabato Travel Chronicles and I MUST SAY I ENVY YOU. 🙂 I should be doing that route too. 🙂 And yeah, PASSIG ISLET for me is a cute little beach getaway. Will never get tired coming back to this place. 🙂

  4. good to know that despite the development, the island was well-kept and maintained. Hope it will remain as lovely as it is… i’ll deifintely include this on my visit to Davao del Sur next year. it’s definitely perfect for budget travelers like me… hehehe! Thanks for sharing this Olan!

  5. is booking necessary? we’re gona visit d place on d 11th of may. can i ask 4 a mobile # 4 us 2 inquire? or any contact numbers.

  6. 35 years ago been to that islet were we used to hang out with my friends,thrilled to know it is a tourist
    destination now. born and bred in sta cruz and in my future visits to philippines i will not miss to experience
    again this awesome islet

  7. Been here last weekend with friends. We found the place unexpectedly. We were just cruising the outskirts of davao city, “joy ride”…found the place by accident. It was magnificent. We enjoyed our stsy and can’t wait to go back with some other friends. Breathtaking at it’s best!

  8. Been here so many times can’t count it. Back during my high school days, college, and after years spendign abroad I keep coming back to this virgin islet. The beauty of this place are the island corals and star fishes. This island mounted because of those dead corals and it became an islet. Transportation, from Davao city, is so easy and cheap. Just ride a bus bound for south, either bound for Gensan, or Cotabato, ask the driver and the condoctor to drop you, at Bato Sta Cruz, going to Passig Islet. The nearest city to this place is Digos, and you can stay to many lodges or hotels in Digos City, which is so near and convenient for shopping and nightlife. You can go shopping at Digos City for foods and cellphone loads for communications. Hospitals are just nearby for safety and emmergency, the nearest hospital is Canos hospital about 20KM from Bato Sta Cruz.. There are Tanod or Barangay Police, can ask for a help for emmergency cases.These island are guarded and cared by the BFAD personnel. They are so friendly and comfortable to talk with. This islet is a fish sanctuary, it’s prohibited to fish or to smuggled sea creatures from this area. That’s why it is guarded with BFAD personnel. Things we can see, there are Guso (Agar Agar) growers from outlaying shores of Badjang. The best part also, is the sunset from the south Davao Gulf attractions. The facade of Mt. Apo and Mt. Matutum of Gensan can be seen over this tiny island. Good luck to the visitors and have fun.

  9. how much is the latest entrance fee to the islet? what about the boat fee transfer? how many persons allowed in one boat? we plan to go stay overnight there this May 17 and do we have a place where we can park our van safely for the night? what other fees are we needed to prepare?

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