The beach is one of my favorite escapes and beach bumming, as I called it, is definitely my favorite outdoor escapade. Blame it to my hometown Cateel. It is where my love for the sun, the sand and the sea started. It is where the “son of the beach” in me was born. Cateel, situated in the great seas of the Pacific, is blessed with undisturbed coasts and pristine beaches truly so ideal to laze around – enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea. Among those unspoiled beaches I can truly take pride of is the MAHOC BEACH. Revisiting this beach was part of my quest while I was home.MAHOC BEACH is an untouched cove located in Barangay San Antonio. It is the last Barangay adjacent to neighboring town of Baganga, also part of Davao oriental. Sitio Mahoc borders Cateel and Baganga. Going there is very easy. The beach is within reach. It is conveniently situated along the paved national highway about 5 minutes drive from proper Barangay San Antonio. Barangay San Antonio from Barangay Poblacion on the other hand is around 20 minutes drive.This was not my first time in Mahoc Beach. Back in those days that I was based in Cateel, my friends and I loved to frequent the place. Actually, it is one of the places not frequented by the many. Hearsay has it, the beach is enchanted. Old folks say it is “tawhan” – a place where some supernatural spirits live. Despite these hearsays, the beauty of Mahoc Beach is unrivaled among the other beaches in Cateel. True or not, one thing is sure, Mahoc Beach allures beach lovers to come and experience her spell. Why not? It has white sand beach so pleasant to frolic around. Various beautiful rock formations abound the seascape. Its sapphire blue waters are so inviting and those huge waves are appealing.Despite being situated along the highway, the undisturbed beauty of Mahoc Beach is kept and maintain. Its serenity and tranquility is preserved. I can even hear the sound of the humid sea breeze. Tall old coconut trees abound the place adding more tropical ambiance to the beach.I took time to savor the moment that I was there. I sat at a rock staring at awesome view of the beach. I murmured words of admiration to the pristine beauty in front of me. Nothing really beats the undisturbed. Awed at what I saw and felt, I realized after all these years, Mahoc Beach remained a beach worth to see and discover.Going home, I told myself to come back there and bring friends so they too can experience beach serenity, pristine beach bumming at its finest – a beach spell casted by the Mahoc Beach.This is the third part of “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL: THE TRAVEL SERIES”.



  1. Olan, Cateel is blessed with numerous awesome wonders. Love that photo above that resembles a sea horse or a dog depending how one looks at it.. How great is that! I hope people will continue to take care of these places and protect it from human destructions. Another one for my bucket list, lol.

    1. That is exactly my hope too Tita Esther. I pray people there will continue to preserve the pristine beauty not just of this beach but the many natural wonders of our hometown. Thank you for your continued following. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous beach — these are stunning photos, Olan. I did a double take on picture #5… that rock formation looks like a gigantic dog! 🙂

    The Philippines is on my list of must-see places. We have good friends who are Filipino and they are constantly telling us how much they love it there.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

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