If someone would ask me how far I have gone travelling around the Philippines, I would humbly say I have gone too far traveling around the 7,107 islands of the my beautiful country. In the course of my travels, I’ve discovered many spectacular places, been wowed by lots of amazing sights, tasted various regional cuisines, experienced diverse culture, and commune with different people. Somehow, I could claim I’ve seen and experience that so called “more than the usual” thing about my homeland. I have traveled so great and so hard it became my passion but toward the end of these journeys, I still shiver in excitement knowing I’m heading back home again – back to my home, my life, my Davao City!
Davao City has been my home for 15 years now. Living here was just a dream. Enjoying fully an awesome life at this Big City was something I never expected. As they say, when one wishes something zealously, everything just falls into place. In my case, it was dream come true.
I was born and raised in the beautiful coastal town of Cateel in the province of Davao Oriental. It used to be 10 long hours away from Davao City. For somebody who grew up in far-flung province, living in Davao City was a big dream. In the early days, vacationing here was by then a luxury. It was every little kid’s dream to come here during summer. Only the privileged though could easily be allowed. In my case, I could only count the times I was able to set foot here. So, whenever I got the chance vacationing to Davao City, I lived from hand to mouth experiencing the so called city life there is here so when I come back to my province I could tell exciting stories about the Big City. Every kid in my hometown was like that – passionate about Davao City! Who wouldn’t be crazy experiencing things we never had at the province in the very first place. Like my first escalator ride at Datu Complex, my first movie experience at Odeon Theater,  my first telephone conversation, my first ride on a Ferris Wheel, my first visit to a big store called NCCC, my first visit to a park called Gap Farm  – all of my “firsts” took place at Davao City. And so, that dream of living at this city was born.
After high school, I was sent to Davao City to pursue my college education. Being a probinsyano, starting a student life here was hard. There were times I missed my life back at the province. But whenever I think of that Big Dream to live in Davao, I became willed and determined. Little by little, I learned many things about living in the city. I got to appreciate its comfort and convenience. Bit by bit, I met new friends, acquired new experiences, developed my skills and learned many things that molded me to become sociably dynamic. Sooner, I began to discover different places and explore natural wonders within Davao City. At one point I muttered I need not to go out of the City to see the Wonders of Nature because the whole city alone is an abode of such. I have learned to love Davao City. I have learned to love everything about her. Never did I know that this love that grew in my heart turned into something greater than it is – the passion to live and settle down in Davao City.
As wished, my life has been very blessed here. I was able to get a very good compensating job, acquired a house of my own, bought a car, got to travel to different places and lived a life I have always wanted. Everything just falls into place. Davao City becomes my home. It has become my life. For 15 years now since that day I moved here for college, Davao City becomes home. My LIFE IS HERE.

I just love DAVAO CITY. I love the fact that it perfectly exudes of what I called “a city of different getaways”. When I have the itch for the sand and the sea, Davao City has nice beaches. When I’m in the mood for mountain and waterfalls trekking, the highland districts of the City await for me. When I’m the mood for shopping, dining and entertaining, Davao City’s fabulous malls, restaurants and bars are just within reach. When I want experience colorful cultural convergence, Davao City takes pride of Kadawayan Festival and the Araw ng Dabaw. Everything is here – great finds, tropical fruits, the famous Durian, the Philippine Eagle, exotic Waling-Waling orchids. There is no room for boredom in the Big City.
For the past 15 years, I’ve witnessed how Davao City grows from a laid-back city into a brand new metropolis. Progress and growth has come to her. It has become an important gateway to Mindanao. Today, Davao City has soared high but the quality of life here is still the same – absolutely livable! It is a high quality of life that does not come at a high cost. An ideal place to live in and settle down.
Part of my personal growth, I have been traveling around the many beautiful places in the country for many years now. I must say I have toured around the different islands, cities and towns of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. At some point, I have been lured to live in those places but whenever I’m back at the City, I always realize I can never trade Davao City for any place on earth. I can never trade my life I have here in Davao City for any alluring place on earth.

Because LIFE IS HERE in Davao. My life is here!

Davao life is here
Submitted as an entry to the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Blog Competition

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111 Replies to “MY HOME, MY LIFE, MY DAVAO CITY”

    1. Hi Ed, thank for dropping by. 🙂 Davao misses you too. 🙂 When you come back here, will bring you the of beaten places here you’ll surely say BEYOND THE USUAL DAVAO. 🙂 Amping sa imung lakaw. 🙂

  1. davao is blessed to have a blogger like you who really loves davao, knows it, emraces it and is proud to show the world through your blogs how beautiful davao is 🙂 way to go, olan!

  2. I love ur piece!wonderful…I could even relate to your experience…I love Davao City! Go Olan….more fun in the Philippines!

  3. When you are here in Davao? That means life. Why I described it as life? It is in here where you can see next to Manila, as they say. Tagalog speaking people, very nice concept in town planning with wider road system, safe night life in a sense that you can walk along the road without apprehension of a mishap to happen because of sense of security (political will of zero crime rate). I also loved Davao. I’ve got in love at first site when I was able to avail of training opportunity. I wish that I could settle down in Davao which I previously have planned it before. Davao is next to my heart. — Nice article Olan.:-). Straight from the heart.

    1. You hit it RIGHT Bonz… 🙂 There are plenty of reasons to claim that indeed in DAVAO CITY, Life is Here. ) HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON HERE. 🙂 and perhaps, like me, you could also live that WISH of settling down here! 🙂 See you at Kaamulan. 🙂

  4. Great post and wonderful photos da! You have so many great adventures and your blog has a lot of substancial and factual pieces of information with it. Your travels and stories only proves that Philippines is indeed a wonderful place to live in.

    1. YES Anna… 🙂 our country the Philippines is and ISLAND OF WONDERS. I will never ever get tired cruising around these 7,107 Islands. 🙂 DAVAO CITY for one is a must see destination!

  5. wow!!

    tree letters i could utter into this spectacular event.
    indeed sir olan living in province and in a city is truly defferent.
    and right, same as u davao city was a place for those people living in a provine
    just like me davao city was only a vacation place for my family,
    although some of them choose to live there bcuz as what u’ve said life is here in davao.
    just like u i believe they find life there in that amazing city.

    even me wish to live there. one day!!.
    well i wanna say congratulation in advance im sure u will win..
    nus.a gani ang kadayawan??.
    murag dili.nko ka habol.
    wish to watch those event..
    june pko mag uwi.
    dami akong mamimiss na event on that day..
    goodluck sir olan!!..

    ma aim na nimu for sure!!..

  6. awesome blog….
    I’m from Cagayan de Oro but currently living and Working here in Makati. Kahit neighbors lang tayo jan sa Mindanao, I never set foot pa sa Davao….. but with this blog of yours….my feet is dragging me there…

    Such a wonderful blog….. Kudos Amigo!

  7. Sob!

    This made me wanna go home to my hometown. I live Davao for the past 23 years and I’ve been a witness as well how it transform from a laid back promising City into a diverse and Vibrant Metropolis in the the country.

    The last time I celebrate Araw ng Davao was its 50th and now its 75th ( Don’t laugh I am not that old, hahaha), that was the same moment I first visit NCCC in Uyanguren.

    I salute you Sir Olan for WOW pictures that truly captures the beauty of DAVAO.

    This will be a best bet in the Competition! Congrats in advance!

    1. HI JOEY. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂 manalo, matalo, I will be very happy knowing i made this post as TRIBUTE to my home, our home called DAVAO CITY! BY the way, naabutan ko pa na ang pinakamalaking Dept Store here was NCCC. 🙂 Nakakarelate ako sayo. 🙂 Hehehe. 🙂

  8. Olan Emboscado, a true blooded Dabawenyo…

    This post is calling the very heart of me, making me proud to shout that I am a Dabawenyo. This post caused me to yearn for more raw Davao experience. I myself can truly attest that life is here indeed! Inspite of all the challenges life brought to this City, it remained still, striving, and surviving. And I know for always it will.

    I will never trade my place, my home, my city…Davao City!

    I am always here to support you,
    Dave ^_^

  9. I’m not a fan of reading blogs but yours are exceptional! hope you can make it to this competition..i miss you and hopefully we could catch up with each other as soon as I’m back to Davao..OUR HOME, OUR LIFE OUR DAVAO CITY!

    1. HI SITO! Thank you for dropping by! This really counts a lot. 🙂 I miss you my friend and Davao City misses you a lot. 🙂 Pag nakauwi ka, let me know, gala tayo ng bonggang bongga sa ating mahal na DAVAO CITY!

  10. Panalo ito!

    I was moved by your words. It deeply marks.

    There is really no place like home:)

    I also remember in our province, everyone’s dream is to go to Manila or Baguio man lang. Hehe. Pero now, it’s different, we can now see the progress of the Philippines at kahit sa mga towns and cities sa provinces ay may mga malls at kung anu-anong biyaya ng comtemporary lifestyle. Pero Davao is truly different. Livable, check! Orderly, check! And total package from highlands to the sea. Anjan na lahat. I’m really glad Davao city made your dreams come true, really a city where dreams do come true. I have many relatives in Davao and hope to be there soon after more than a decade. hehe. Siguro I may visit them soon and hope to meet you too 🙂

    Truly Davao has soared high a lot!

    1. Hi Ed, reading your comments now made me feel so proud that i have spoken words that would speak about my home City of Davao… Yes, it has soared so high progress embraced her but still today i can proudly say Davao remains to provide an ideal quality of life for its people. Until today, for me, it remains the most LIVABLE city in the world. Thanks Ed… I will be very happy to see you here in Davao. Cheer fellow traveler.

  11. You have said it so well, Olan. Davao City is, indeed, the place to be. Excellent post, captivating photos too! I’m pretty sure, Davao City is very proud to have you.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      As I always say, wnadering souls like us will still long to be home despite various wanders we make in our lifetime. We will still be going back to the place where we actually belong. For us, it is DAVAO CITY.

  12. we have the same feeling when it comes to the excitement whenever we head back in Davao lan..i’ve been to a few places esp the big cities here in our country but none can beat our very own Davao city. we have all the things w/c we can boast..Good luck and Godbless to all dabawenyos..

  13. I’m so far from home (Davao City) Home is where I can be fully myself, fully accepted, fully loved. Home is a place where I share conversations, meals, duties, hopes, disappointments. Home is where I belong. Gimingaw nako nimo Davao oi.Love this post. thank you kuya Olan.keep it up! Home is definitely where the heart is!

    1. YES BON. 🙂 DAVAO CITY will always be our home no matter how far we’ve been too and how long we’ve been gone! WE WILL ALWAYS GO BACK to our home! And yes, IT IS WHERE WE BELONG!

  14. I agree with you Lan. At one point one of our guests from head office commented how lucky we are with our place. I had the chance to bring him to Samal and then bring him to Eden on the same day. Indeed it was like a trip from the sea to the jungle . Moreover, Davao City served as point of reference for our clan. I mean if there are relatives coming from abroad, Davao City will always be the drop-off and drop-in place. A place where most of the time we hold our family reunion.
    Further, in terms of industry I would say Davao City is really blessed. From Banana industry to distribution, to trucking, to container yard services, construction, coconut industry, activated carbon and many others.
    I could transcend with you Lan. There is that different kind of feeling the moment the bus reached Davao City or the plane touched down Davao airport……. really the air would be filled with excitement … with relief…. with comfort…. that finally …. it’s HOME. Nothing makes our lives more perfect than having this HOME in our hearts. God bless you Lan. Do continue sharing your thoughts.

    1. Joan, like our hometown Cateel, DAVAO CITY is my home! THIS IS WHERE I BUILD MY LIFE – a kind of life i enjoyed so much! Davao City has be so kinder to me. It paves so many opportunities that made me who I am today. With that, it becomes my HOME! My sanctuary! My refuge! My solace! So like you, even how beautiful and alluring all the places I see and experience during my humble travels, NOTHING can beat the comfort of my home – my DAVAO CITY! Like i always said, it is the real meaning of a HOME SWEET HOME! Thanks Joan for all the support!

  15. Next to my hometown Tagum City, I really love the progressive and peaceful Davao City. Every year, I make sure that i’d attend Kadayawan’s indak-indak sa Kadalanan and experience the City’s vibrant and colorful cultural celebration.

    Nice blog post Olan bessss… Davao City is lucky to have you.

    1. Hello Leo Bess,

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Indeed, Davao City has grown into a brand new metropolis yet remains to be peaceful and of high quality of life. And yes, Kadayawan Festival exudes the City colorful and vibrant culture! See you around Leo. 🙂 By the way, TAGUM CITY too is the “NEXT BIG THING” in Mindanao!

  16. I can really relate.. Life brought us to other parts of the world but Davao will always be our home and Cateel will always be our hometown. It is here where we started fulfilling our dreams. Thank you for this blog lan. You said all the things that i wanted to say (its just that im not as talented as you on blogging, hehehe). Keep it up F1.

    Surely, we will retire here in DAVAO, our home.

    Btw, i met a canadian man today in the hotel, he said he’s wishing to settle here in Davao.

    1. Ging, you’re absolutely right… CATEEL will forever be our HOMETOWN, our BIRTHPLACE but speak about LIFE, it is here in DAVAO CITY where all our dreams of becoming who we are today started! DAVAO CITY ignited that fire in us to realize our DREAMS. It is our home that molded us to be smarter, wiser and willed to face the reality of LIFE… Cheers to all of us who’ve come too far to reach this kind of life we have now in DAVAO CITY… Life is indeed HERE…

  17. Thank you for joining the contest. This is to acknowledge your entry.

    If you can invite more blogger friends to join, the more the merrier.

    Also, can you post the calendar of activities here ? I have a soft copy where can i email you?



    1. Hi Sonny, thank you for acknowledging. 🙂 Did ask my Davao Blogging community to join. Hopefully, they can. 🙂 Please email me the soft copy. 🙂 Will be very glad to post it here! 🙂 Thanks again. 🙂

  18. For someone whose life journey has brought him far and wide, the Travel Teller is not lacking for tales to tell. At the end of the day though, there is nothing to replace one’s home. That constant SOMETHING you always take with you wherever your trekking shoes or plane ticket takes you will inevitably draw you back to what is familiar, comforting and yes, loved. Home, as our intrepid journeyman points out, is where our heart is.

  19. I’ve been in Davao twice already but only for a short period of time, I totally agree with you that Davao remains the most LIVABLE city in the world. Even some of my relatives relocated and choose to live there. I’d like to visit your hometown Cateel the next time I’ll visit the province, tour mo ako doon ha!

    1. Hi Jay, Davao City has grown into a new adventure destination in Mindanao. It has a lot of things to offer now so i think it is now the best time to come and re-experience DAVAO now at its best! And yeah, visit my other home too – CATEEL, it is an exotic place you’ll can resist to come back!

  20. i’ve never been a fan of reading blogs until such a time that someone dragged me here…thanks to him…though i am raised in this CITY, i felt ashamed and sorry for myself that i have never been – in my life, realize how wonderful and nice place to live…i just took it literally that i am born here in Davao City, just like that…no choice, i should live my life where my parents brought me up….but with your blog, i commend you and that this CITY made you complete as a human who is ignited to keeping the outburst of your nicest words to depict what DAVAO CITY has made of who you are and what you have….your LIFE, your HOME, your DAVAO CITY…..God bless you…

  21. Oh wow! I used to live in Davao for few months when I was a kid. And it’s just one of the best cities in the world. Thanks for sharing this. Mabuhay ang mga Davaoeno!

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