I have been traveling around the country and our neighboring countries in Asia for quite some time now – maybe about five years. Five exciting years relishing the sheer joy of seeing awe-inspiring places, meeting amazing people and learning new experiences. Traveling, as what I’ve always said brings out the very best in me and it’s the only thing that I can’t trade for anything in this world. It is a way of life I embrace when I first fall in love with my very first travel. Five years and still counting.

The footages above are compilation of travel videos I documented in five years! These are just few of the MANY beautiful memories camcorded and kept in years. Personally, seeing it brings back a lot of memories and it made me so grateful for the kind of life I have right now enjoying the wonders of being on the road. It even inspires me to travel harder and see more of what this beautiful world has to offer. For truly – life is good!

Silly, I’ve said goodbyes to clubbing, shopping and malling but can never ever say goodbye to traveling. It becomes synonymous to happiness for me and it makes understand more the essence of life and living. Traveling makes up a good life!

I AM A SUCKER OF GOOD LIFE! And yes, affirmative, I am destined to have a GOOD LIFE!


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