Legend, history and culture in India

Dances and theater ensembles converging for the annual Sayaw Mindanaw in Philippines and, of course, many tourists standing by and watching the fabulous show.

This indigenous dance competition is a colored and lively opportunity to show dancing skills and to entertain tourists from all over the world. As nearly all Asiatic populations, the Philippines offer many celebrations with bright colors, lights, candles and special local food. It’s the perfect mix for those travelers who look for something really amazing and new.


India: the TajMahal

Actually, when visiting an Asiatic Country you are directly in touch with a totally different culture, getting used to this might be hard at the beginning, but you have to think that doing as the local people do is always the best way to feel “into” the place and its culture!

Asia is also the continent where there is one of the fabulous 7 wonders of the world, recognized by UNESCO: India. With its famous Taj Mahal, India can be in the number of the 7 most wonderful and enchanting places on Earth along with Rome, China, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Jordan.

Visiting the Taj Mahal is a unique experience that you will never forget. This mausoleum built between 1631 and 1648 under the Emperor Shah Jahan is now the principal and most magnificent building in India. The other buildings surrounding the Taj Mahal and the gardens outside where finished by the emperor’s successor. The entire complex guests the tomb, it’s therefore a funeral mausoleum surrounded by a delicate love story which sounds more like legend.


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