Twenty contingents coming from different schools and communities in Davao City and nearby provinces assembled in the city’s downtown district to compete and be hailed prestigious winner of this year’s Indak Indak sa Kadalanan, the much awaited, most watched highlight of Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012.

Dali Kamo, Mag Indak Indak Kita!

Dubbed as the King of Festivals, Kadayawan Sa Dabaw features not only the merriment of blessings for the City’s bounties of nature and the gifts of bountiful harvest but also highlights the rich heritage and diverse culture that define Davaoeños’ affluent history and colorful past.

Shagit ug Kusog, MADAYAW DABAW!
Shagit ug Kusog, MADAYAW DABAW!

Ten Tribes, One Vibe. This has been the city’s Festival theme honoring the early ten settlers of the City that despite differences of cultures, traditions and beliefs, these indigenous tribes are connected by a common origin binding them together as ONE and the SAME – an origin that traces the core of history of the City of Davao.

Ang Pagpaabot.

In the much awaited Indak Indak sa Kadalaan, a Mardi Gras of Music and Dances, the vibrant colors of captivating Red and Yellow dominated the streets while the heart pounding drum beats reverberated all over the city’s downtown district. These were the colors and rhythms brought by 20 contingents as they performed rituals and dances of their respective places while dressed in multihued costumes and flanked by colorful props. The resounding ethnic chants and the deafening beat of the smashing drums ecstatically set the whole district in a jovial groovy mood.

Hugway! Hugway!

The awe inspiring performances of different contingents vying for the most coveted title showcased the rich and diverse cultures of Davao and Mindanao as beautifully reflected on their well rehearsed dances and choreography.


Kay Kinsa Isabwag Ang Mga Lukay?
Pag-ampo ug Pagpangaliya!
Dali kamo, magsaulog kita!
Dawata, Oh Diwata! Dawata Among Gasa!
Pasalamat Para Sa Gasa!
Ang Pagpas-an Sa Dakung Bukag!
Manyaget Kita, KADAYAWAN NA!
Ang Kaanyag sa Kadayawan
Si Inday ug ang Iyang Matam-is nga Pahiyum!
Hiyaaaaaaaaaaa! Hiyaaaaaaaaa! Hiyaaaaaaa!
Kadayawan Indakers!
We called them Kadayawan Indakers!
Sweet Kadayawan Smile!
Unya Siya Miusbaw!
Enter the Indaker!
Kadayawan! Kadayawan! Hey! Hey! Hey!
SILIP! Pasilip!
Into the Multitude of Hues
Hugpong sa mga Pula ug Dalag!
Sa Akong Mga Ngabil!
Madayaw Kasulaw!
Hala, Mag-Indak Indak Kita!
Ang Babayeng Maninikop
Diwata, Oh Diwata!
Ang Dagway sa Mindanao
Girl Air Bender
Batang Indaker
Kadayawan Chanter!
Ang Kaanyag ug Katahum sa Kadayawan

As a proud Davaoeño and a Mindanaoan, seeing all these made me grateful that I was born and raised in this Island blessed with multi-cultural influences and heritage truly unique and Filipino. This made me realized despite differences of culture coming from different ways of lives; we all got to embrace the multicultural diversity of the city. Just as we all say, DAVAO: Life is Here!

The Travel Teller with the 2012 Kadayawan Indakers


  1. Great Pics. Hope you’ll be featuring the “Sayaw Mindanao” here in your amazing site for next year’s Kadayawan. It is also one great event during Kadayawan. Thanks!

  2. to the committee of indak-indak sa kadayawan, pwedi me mgpa send ug entry form for sa indak-indak 2013 or pwedi i-mail na lang sa lgu-asuncion. gusto mn gud mo entry ang sonlon national high school.
    thanks poh..

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