Five years ago, the Apo View Hotel which I consider my second home here in Davao City celebrated its 60th Founding Anniversary as the city’s Premier Hotel and the second oldest in the Philippines. In line with that grand celebration, we at The Apo View joined the people of Davao in celebrating Kadayawan Festival bringing the festive spirit of the celebration right at the very heart of the Apo View Hotel, thus, born “KADAYAWAN FIESTA AT THE APO VIEW”.

It was a very successful event that has left an indelible mark in the hearts of our hotel guests, visitors and the public. Thus, a year after that, Kadayawan Fiesta at The Apo View becomes a significant event that we at the Apo View and together with our loyal guests look forward to every year. Today, on its 5th year, we proudly present KADAYAWAN FIESTA AT THE APO VIEW 2012 showcasing Mindanao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage.

During this two-week celebration that runs from August 6 to 19, we have in stored spectacular events that will truly showcase the authentic artistry and rich culture not just the bustling City of Davao but our Island Mindanao as whole.

In this festive two week event of pure merriment, the Apo View Hotel will be showcasing:

The weaving of Dagmay Fabric by a true member of Mandaya Tribe from Caraga, Davao Oriental.
Mannequins wearing ethnic inspired fashion creations by Juliet Pamintuan, one of Davao’s Top Homegrown Designers.
Floral Exhibit and Fruit Display at the Lobby.
Live tribal music and cultural dance performances by the Kaagan Dance Theater Collective Incorporated showcasing ritual dances of the Davao Tribe.
A spectacular Fire Dancing by the Apo Duwaling Fire Dancers.
Davao’s indigenous cuisine and delicacies served at the Entrée and Café Josefina.
A showcase of indigenous products, fresh fruits and delectable delicacies at our mini-Kadayawan Bazaar.
The indigenous art exhibit of Roland Tamfalan, a proud member of Tiboli Tribe whose works have been featured nationwide.
Jewelry Making by Sheilo Neroso and Tattooing by Tata Laping.
This year, we also partnered with Canon Marketing together with select Photographers in Davao for a photo exhibit entitled “Mga Dagway Sa Kadayawan”.

These and more can be enjoyed during the weeklong celebration of the Kadayawan Fiesta at the apo View 2012.

Celebrate Kadayawan 2012.
Celebrate with The Apo View.

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