“If traveling is a vice, I’ll be addicted to it forever!”  This has always been my sweetest answer to the endless question why I seem so unstoppable from this incessant travels. I’ve been asked several times how come I travel that very often when I have a day job that requires me to work on regular days. And I would always answer, “I work hard to travel harder!” Another one said traveling is for the rich, I would retract it by saying I am poor but fortunate enough to make the most out of my resources. Hence, I would always say, TRAVELING can be addictive but never exclusive for the rich!

You see, I live in a country of more than 7,000 tropical islands offering the best of what a seasoned or a novice traveler wants to glimpse and experience. In fact, I feel so fortunate to have been born and raised in this stunning nation where everything is within reach – sparkling islands, pristine beaches, verdant mountains, stunning waterfalls, placid lakes, colorful culture, interesting people, grandest festivals, delectable cuisines, heritage sites and many more! Given all these attributes, why not travel and experience firsthand discovering the best kept secrets of the marvelous 7,107 Islands of the Philippines.

Knowing there is more to marvel in this country, my love for traveling has grown deeper it becomes my way of life. At first, I found this wanderlust too luxurious. Most of my savings would all go for my travels. In fact, there were times I would give up buying some needs and wants just to save up for another travel. But along the way, I learned the art of budget travel. And so I would plan my trip a head of time the cheapest possible way, find a low-cost airfare and book for a cheaper hotel without compromising comfort and safety. I embraced backpacking and learned sleeping at couches, bus terminal and airports. And whenever I get to my target destination, it is when the real adventure actually begins.

I love being lost. There is liberty in exploring unfamiliarity. There is a great sense of fulfillment every time I reach new destination. Whenever I met people or locals on the road and got smiles from them, I beamed with joy knowing one smile can change everything. One smile can bridge two total strangers on the road. When I feel embraced by locals in an unfamiliar community, I can feel sublime sense of belongingness. Every new destination I visit, though it has already been visited by thousand of wanderers like me, is for me a newest personal discovery. These are learning I got on the road. Inspiring lessons will only get when traveling.

How do juggle my time amid work and travel? Simply BALANCE. I have an awesome job that needs me from Mondays to Fridays. During these days, I work hard and give out the best of what is expected from me. In return, it compensates me well allowing me to fund my own personal travels. During Saturdays and Sundays, it is when my hardcore travels happen. Considered a weekend warrior, I make the most out of these two days seeing and visiting completely what one destination has to offer. Thus, that well-planned itinerary is what I need. Beyond the nature of these nomadic experiences, traveling allows me to widen my network. It enables me to meet key people and good contacts that eventually become great advantage to my work at hand. So for me, work and traveling is possible without compromising any of the two! That explains why “I work hard to travel harder!”

When is my plan to stop from traveling? The answer is UNCERTAIN! For as long there is a place to wonder and wander, this traveler in me will never cease. I will continue to travel and marvel at the most spectacular wonders of this tropical Islands of the Philippines and perchance, the World. Rest assured it will all be shared to you through this humble Chronicles of The Travel Teller.

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  1. So do we! As the Cliche it begins with a single step then it will be forever! Good for you in balancing things and making most of your weekend. Sometimes our laziness prevails our weekend trip. ^_^

    1. I would honestly prefer to be somewhere than staying at home on the weekends. 🙂 I love being at home though but staying for two days straight would bore me. That’s one downside of being always on the road. Hahahaha!

  2. me too, iniiwasan ko ang ibang needs/wants para lang makatravel… minsan na lang sa isang taon ako mamili ng damit at minsan nung estudyante pa ako nag-skip ako ng lunch para may extra pera panglakwatsa. …it’s really hard to quit once you’re bitten by a travel bug. hay buhay. gusto ko yang motto na ya “work hard to travel harder”

    1. Hi Ivan. 🙂 Habang sinusulat ko to, alam kong maraming makaka-relate ng mga lakwatserong nilalang tulad natin. 🙂 And yes tama ka, once you’re bitten by a travel bug, mahirap nang tumigil. 🙂 Hehehe. 🙂 See you the road soon. 🙂

      1. hello ivan…thanks for the blog.. grabe nakaka relate ako … kasi at the start of the year tinitingnan ko na ang calendar of activities for the year …
        kung kelan ako titigil, uncertain din and im happy to share my wanderings in our beautiful country with my 8 year old son… 🙂

  3. A rootless existence is no fun in the long run kaya travel lang ng travel habang bata pa. Medyo naubos pera ko nong nagpunta kami sa US kaya eto tipid tipid muna to fund the next travel.:)

  4. Nice post Sir and worth the read. Congrats on your blog and it’s very nice how you categorize it into experiences such as mountains, beaches, churches, etc.

    More power! 😀

  5. nice taglines..

    true enough, “travelling is never exclusive for the rich”…the key there is ‘planning’.. 😉

    karelate jud ko ani na article, me too..giving up some needs & wants just to save for my next
    travel, but no regrets at all..it’s all worth it! after all para asa ato mga pinaghirapan? 😀

    1. Hello Thes. 🙂 with all the beautiful things surrounding the country, we have all the best choices where to travel and spend our s\weekends. 🙂 At tama ka. 🙂 Para kanino ba ang pinaghirapan natin :)?

  6. Hi Olan,

    Suggestion lang – so you don’t have to work harder to play harder, invest part of your money to something that will give a passive income eventually. Like, stock market or real estate. It is difficult at first, but once it starts earning , you don’t have to work na if you don’t want to. You can then travel full time. 🙂

    Just my two cents..

    I love your escapades and the pictures you take in your travels.



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