Finally, after so many years of photographing the best of my hometown Cateel in the east coast part of Davao Oriental, I am gaily able to compile some of the must-discover best kept secrets and various stunning tourist spots that my birthplace takes so much pride of. To name a few – the unspoiled beaches, untouched coves, undisturbed long coastlines, breathtaking waterfalls, unpolluted rivers, preserved mangroves, amazing caves, historical landmarks, vast rice fields and other natural wonders. Name it, we have it. Being a true son of Cateel, it is with great delight to share to the world the striking beauty of my native land. A splendor waiting to be known and discovered. Humbly I say, “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL”!The Travel Teller welcomes you to his very first ever travel series entitled “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL”. It is a series of my travel stories documenting stills, my thoughts and personal experience during my recent trip back to my dearly loved hometown. It was a sentimental trip the reconnected me back to the places I used to frequent before. These are parts of my childhood reminiscences that until now I still would love to experience. Truthfully, a home sweet home.After spending my recent weekend there rediscovering and enjoying every inch of these beauties, I came to realize that these gifts of nature are most precious treasures that Cateeleños, the sons and daughters of Cateel including this blogger should keep, protect and preserve. I pray then that all of us can do our own little share in preserving the beauty of our one and only town. As for me, this is my own take of showing my love and compassion for my hometown Cateel – showcasing her beauty straight from my camera to the world. This too is my tribute to my proud mother, the late Leopolda Fernandez Emboscado who herself was a proud Katil-anon, a daughter of Cateel. Mama, this too is for you!

More travel stories to come following “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL: The Travel Series”.

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