Five River Cruises in Europe to Consider

Who wants to go into the European heart and calmly traverse along the waterways that served as communication and transportation for centuries? We have plenty to choose from beyond the known cruise of the Rhine River.

River Cruises The Rhine DanubeCruise Aquitaine and Bordeaux

France is rich in waterways and it has many alternatives for cruise lovers in its different regions. Embarking in Bordeaux we can trace the Dordogne River to reach the Gironde before arriving in Pauillac from where you can take an optional excursion to Médoc, a beautiful wine region with many choices for wine. After the stop we can proceed to Blaye which is narrow and picturesque, bordering the Dordogne river to the formation of the Gironde Estuary. From Bordeaux you can also visit Saint-Emilion, on the Garonne where vineyards, wineries and restaurants are the protagonists.

Great cruise on the Volga River Russia

This is a cruise that takes about 2 weeks, a great route for cruise lovers. From the capital, it draws a large bow navigating the waters of the famous Volga River in one of its most beautiful landscapes. The final destination can be either the port of Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea or the Rostov on the Sea of ​​Azov, as there are often two itineraries from Volgograd.

The Danube, a major protagonist

The Danube River is a classic for those who love to travel by boat. River Cruises on the Danube have always been popular. The second longest river in Europe which rises in the Black Forest and flows into the Black Sea. The course of this river cruise takes us across Austria, Slovakia and Hungary and we can start or finish in Prague. Needless to describe, we experience a romantic Europe in all its glory and if we add Vienna to the travel plan, we have a complete picture full of landscapes, castles and elegance.

Elbe River Cruise

If we think of a cruise on Germany, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional trip along the Beautiful Rhine. But there are several alternatives to what is already known, for example a cruise on the River Elbe. Following the former East Germany, the Elbe often offers 10-day cruises through the territories of the Saxon kings. A scene of green banks, unique places like the cliffs of the Saxon Switzerland, opulent castle gardens and beautiful cities like Dresden can be seen during this cruise. The route usually taken is from Elbe to Prague, so it is an ideal alternative way to draw a great trip into the European Heart.

Lena River Cruiseto the Arctic Circle

We return to Russian territory, this time to set sail to the Arctic Circle. Navigating the Lena River from Yakutskpor traverses the National Park Lena Pillars and allows us to take advantage of the stop to walk up to one of these towers after a welcoming ceremony with ritual dances and to appear at the endless taiga. Passing through the estuary Buotama, the river irrigates the only natural reserve of bison in Russia. In this region can be found traces of of Mammoth hunters and ovens that are 30-40 thousand years old. The cruise routes stop at Zhigansk, the first settlement beyond the Arctic Circle. And if the weather permits, you can even get to Tiksi, with access to the Laptev Sea which is navigable only two months a year.

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