When everybody was busy preparing for the New Year’s celebrating, there I was consuming my time lounging at my much loved place on earth, the Beach.

I was home for the holidays at my hometown Cateel in the province of Davao Oriental. From day one until the last day that I was there, no was no single day that passed without me visiting the beach. Cateel, being a coastal town that faces the great Pacific Ocean, has been a coastal paradise for me. My love for beach traces back here.

While I enjoyed my beach life there for the whole time, I was also there to find peace, solace and enlightenment from a life I have in the Big City. I grow up in Cateel learning the simplest life it can offer and when blessed to have a great life in the city, there are simplest things that seemed to have changed – things that I missed so much. Life in the province is laidback. Hassle free. No worries. No pressures. I missed those days when life was just like that – simple! These are the things that I tried to live while I was there for ten days. I told myself I was home, I must enjoy it.

Among the beaches I frequented for ten days there, I fell in love with Mahan-ob Beach. There is nothing special there – just the gray sand, the misty cove, the coconut trees and the huge waves sweeping off the dark shores. What I love about it is its innate tranquility that surrounds the whole place drowning me to its private serenity.

When I got there, total stillness enveloped the whole place. I can hear the strong blowing winds and the splashing of powerful waves. The moment I got there, I looked for a corner where I can comfortably settle. The coconut tree was the perfect spot. I was sitting under that coconut tree armed with camera but lazily capturing yet another beach scene that I can hopefully share to my cyber friends. But it was reverse. I was captured by the beach. I was bedazzled not by its beauty but by its solitude.

I sat there for hours staring at afar trying to recollect all the pieces of my yesteryears from the day I can still recall my life in my hometown, to the day I left there to get a life in the City and until the day that I was right there again sitting under that coconut tree recollecting these pieces of yesteryears.

Sitting there, my emotions shifted from joy to sadness and smiles to frowns as I relive those moments. Gently, my tears fell down my cheeks. I can savor it salty taste. Admittedly, when I went home for the holidays, there was a part of me that was broken. A part of my being that needs to be repaired. Spending time alone in this beach was my hope to find light and answers to everything. But softly, my crying continued. Suddenly, a strong cold wind caressed my face and clouds became darker. It was about to rain, I thought. But there was I, still sitting at that corner, succumbing to my sentiments. All I care was to let lose. Pouring out what’s inside me. Slowly, the heavens drizzled. I, on the other hand, stuck on that corner feeling all what was inside me. At another instant, I looked up the skies; there was a light beaming from the army of dark clouds. Slowly it grew until the skies become clearer. There was light.

From a distance, the raging waves are battling each others to reach the lonely shores. They were huge ravaging waves that appeared like monsters ready to attack its prey – ready to attack me. The waters nearly reached where I was sitting. Yet, they failed to reach me.

While I was there staring at everything, I was trying to find meaning of all these. The reason why I was home for the Holidays, the lonely beach, the weather, the waves – everything became a puzzle to me. They were like shattered pieces I wanted to put back. I, myself, was like shattered pieces I wanted to put back in shape.

And then, there was inside of me that whispered, “LET GO… LET GO… LET GO…” It was something that I didn’t expect but it was something that put a smile in my face. I stood up from where I was sitting, ran to the shores and yelled out from my lungs everything I wanted to shout. It was a release. I ran to the seas and washed all the sands covering my body. It was like washing away all my pains and anguish. I felt good. I was home. I was at the beach. It felt good.

Minutes later, I looked around searching for other souls but learned I was all alone from the moment I got to Mahan-ob Beach. Me, myself, I and the beach.

It was getting darker again. It was time to leave Mahan-ob Beach. This time, full of enlightenment.



  1. i miss this beach! my sons who visited Cateel last August went there because i owned a few hectares of the coconut plants along the beach… it is a great place to unwind from the stress of a big city. i will be visiting soon… regards and continue the good work!

  2. Raging waves along the shores could crushed out all our ill-feeling especially when we lost someone that is part of our life. It could also brings out some light on why there’s always an end in this world. One of the concrete examples on this, the end of time. Yeah, its end of a lifetime. After some recollection made, we end up enlightened.:-).

    1. Thank you Bonz. 🙂 the past year was a ROLLER COASTER year for me. I have been reaping a lot of blessing but there were low points too that challenged my sanity and wisdom. But going back to my roots somehow eases up my sentiments. 🙂 thanks Bonz. 🙂 see you soon. 🙂

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